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Minnows in 2006

This information is available on the web in a haphazard manner, so I thought I will make an entry in my blog and also keep on updating it as new information comes out. It will become a collection of the schedule of the minnows for 2006, and it will become easier to track their performances.

– Bermuda v UAE in UAE, 5 One day games, not ODIs

– U19 World Cup featuring Ireland, Scotland, Uganda, Namibia, USA, Nepal + Test nations
– European Indoor Championships featuring Denmark, Greece
– Americas Championships Div 1 featuring Chile, Turks and Caicos, Brazil and Suriname

– Netherlands in Kenya, 1 ODI, Intercontinental match
– Kenya in Bangladesh, 3 ODIs
– 26-29th, Namibia v Nepal, Intercontinental playoff

– India in Bermuda
– Americas Championships Div 2 featuring Bahamas, Argentina, Belize, Panama and Winner of Div 3
– African Affiliates QS

– Uganda v Kenya in Kenya
– Ireland v Namibia or Nepal, Intercon Match
– Scotland v Namibia or Nepal, Intercon match
– ACC U15 Elite group championships

– Pakistan in Scotland, 2 ODIs
– Ireland in England, 1 ODI
– Netherlands v Denmark, two 1 day matches, not ODIs
– EAP Cricket trophy featuring Japan

– Sri Lanka in Netherlands, 2 ODIs
– Americas Championships Div 1 featuring USA, Canada, Bermuda, Cayman Is. and Winner of Div 2

– Bermuda/Canada/Kenya in Canada
– Ireland/Scotland/Holland in European Championships Div 1 also featuring Denmark, Italy
– Scotland v Ireland, Intercon match
– ACC Trophy 2006 featuring UAE, Nepal, Malaysia, Oman, China
– African Associates QS
– European Championships Div 2 featuring Greece.
– European Championships Div 4

– Kenya v Uganda in Uganda (Not ODIs)

– Kenya v Bermuda in Kenya

– Kenya v Bangladesh in Bangladesh
– Holland/Bermuda/Canada in SA, possible ODIs, Intercon matches

– Kenya v Bermuda in Kenya
– ACC U15 Plate group championships

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