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Regionals format: Cup or Leagues?

Does the Asian System fast track a number of cricket teams in a shorter span of time, or is the European league Structure better?. I tend to agree with the latter. In my opinion, the former actually manages to impede the development process in some promising countries. I will give an example….. of Nepal.

 In the last 3-4 years, Nepal has shown immense promise. It has won almost all age level tournaments in Asia, and have been consistent runners up in many senior tournaments. Plus they have a crowd backing that no other country in Asia does, or perhaps even the non test playing world. Their U19 team can get 15K people to show up to support them. In fact, in the current year, they beat UAE seniors in the FTCT tournment (which is kind of interncontinental cup for Asia, 3 day matches between countries), and UAE qualifed with only half a point over them for the Intercontinental cup semis. Nepal has had a bad run with the ACC tournaments. 9 out of 10 times they would beat Oman and Hong Kong. But in 2002 they lost out on a single match to them, and in 2004 they were unlucky I think to be given the semi final with UAE. The result was that Oman managed to get to the ICC Trophy (top 2 from Asia region were given the spots), while Nepal was nowhere. Even at the momment, they have to qualify for World Group Div 3 through the ACC Trophy.

What the Europe style leagues do is that they make sure that the countries that are in the best position to be successful at ODI level are given an advantage. They avoid freak incidents like France beating Scotland in one match and making it to ICC tournaments at the expense of Scotland. Oman for example, cannot believe their luck. Not only did they manage to get into ICC Trophy, but they have managed to get an extreme advantage by getting the placing in WCQS Div 2. They basically have to win only 2 matches in that tournament in order to potentially be in the ICC Trophy for 2009, despite the fact that a better team than them IN their region, i.e. Nepal, is sitting on the sidelines. Oman is just not ready. Their people and govt is not that much interested at the momment, and they have had terrible showing at age level tournaments.

Essentially, the Qualifying cup structure is pushing them into something that they are not going to be able to make full use of, and they havent if you look at what they have achieved in the last 6 months (they have perhaps been the only Gulf country not to do anything during this time)

I think the Asian region also needs to break up their members into 3 leagues of 6 each. Promotion/relegation system every year, just like Europe. Either this or the subregional trophies that I have mentioned in my blog below should be implemented, but it is imperative to make sure that even in the subregions, all teams play against each other before they are sent for the super league. Freak defeats or excruciatingly close defeats should be neutralized as much as possible when the future and development of a game in a country are at stake.

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  1. Sobhit Man Shrestha
    January 11, 2006 at 7:34 am

    hi !

    thanks for giving a good coverage about NEPALese cricket.

    Yes, offcourse we are lacking of oppurtunity to show what we have. But many factors disturb us to do so. for example just today ACC made a decision about organising country for ACC TROPHY, they prefer to Malaysia; not NEPAL who eagerly want to organise that tournaments for their fans but.. oh it is another blow to nepalese fans who want to see their team playing big games. giving the decision to let malaysia organise to tournament, the reasons which they pointed to take this decision is not helpful for development of cricket. They said “Malaysia’s climate is well-suited to cricket at that time of the year. They have all the necessary facilities and the infrastructure is there to host a tournament involving 18 countries”. Is it really good reason to give them to organise. what do you think? But we donot agree with it because we have better number of crowd, passion. I think crowd is the most important thing for any level of the match which we can provide. & secondly we could make that tournament international by telecasting in settelite television, it is also a plus point how long i know for developing cricket. & rest is that what ACC pointed. Even in this case we have already organised U 19 ACC CUP successfully which proved we have enough infrastructure. & lastly about dates…… It could be changed which is yet to be confirm. we could find suitable date for that.

    what do you think about it? what could you do for it? we request all our suppoter to push ACC to rethink their decision.

  2. Cuen Lucas
    January 22, 2006 at 1:37 am

    I’m also in favour of a league system, a Cup system tends to run more on knock-outs so a team may only play a few games, then that’s it, at least a league system allows for teams to play matches more consitently and regularly, which is vital for gaining experience and keeping their skills sharp.

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