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Cricket development in China

Around the end of 2005, ACC Development managers visited China and answered some good questions about the future and development of cricket in that country. Personally, I do not see China doing anything until at least another 10-15 years, which is normal. But it seems that they are on a faster track, because they are already playing in the 2006 ACC Trophy. This would probably also mean that they are going to start playing in the U15 and U19 tournaments as well for Asia.

All is good, but one has to keep in mind that improvement in the standards of cricket is not quick. It takes a good amount of time. So lets have the fingers crossed. It seems that Chinese government and authorities are themselves interested in the development and the promotion of the sport in China, which may be something which fast tracks them over some of their other Affiliate and Associate friends.

I do not know why this article is so low key in cricket development circles, especially in ACC. It was not even posted on their website. I read this about 10 days back, and today I was not able to find it easily through google etc. So I thought I will make a posting here to make sure that the article does not get lost.

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