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Is Namibia a future Zimbabwe?

The Zimbabwe Crisis is likely to put all of ICC’s, or should I say, the test playing nations revenues to waste. There are some basic reasons why all this happenned, and it is essentially a political issue, not a cricketing one. The question now is, should the ICC be looking forward to making another investment in a country that has a similar political and social situation.

The similarities between Zimbabwe and Namibia. Zimbabwe blacks have very little interest in the game, they generally consider the game to be a relic of their colonial past, which they are not fond off. The players are the white minority; 1% (100K) in Zim, 6%(60K) in Namibia. In fact the Zimbabwe govt seems to be quite opposed to the game. The best land in both Zimbabwe and Namibia is owned by whites, and this land was forceably taken from the indegenous africans about 100 years back, so there is a lot of resentment. Whites are typically farmers in both countries, which basically means that with the land threatened, they are likely to move out of the country and live elsewhere. Both are poor african countries, though Namibia’s GDP per capita is much better than zimbabwe, I think those numbers are skewed due to the whites being much much better off financially than the blacks (another reason for the discontentment). Both the countries are fairly new, with Zimbabwe becoming independent around 1980, and Namibia around 1990.

While one would hope that the Zim situation does not happen in Namibia, there seems to be too much of a similarity between Namibia and Zimbabwe for someone to ignore. The current Zimbabwe situation has wasted around $50-60 million of ICC’s money that they invested in that country in the last 15 years, and has at the same time taken the game back 20 years. The ICC should be wary about doing the same with Namibia.

So unless the Namibian team starts showing the indegenous black africans, ICC should not be making too much investment over there, irrespective of performance. This is because if the game is played only by the whites, who number less than 6%, with a volatile socio economic setup, some strange thing may start happenning. Making a mistake once is understandable, but twice seems to be plain silly. Ofcourse, if the Namibian team is totally indegenous, then it is fine. That would also mean that enough interest has developed in the people to take the future of the game seriously over there, not like Zimbabwe who, could not care about the future as a test nation.

  1. nicholas P (italian cricketer)
    December 22, 2007 at 2:57 am

    Whats going on with Namibia?
    Is the 2003 cricket World Cup failure still haunting them as they didn’t qualify for the 2007 tournament?

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