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Opinion: Passion, Stability and Economy counts….

This positing is a mixture of thoughts. If you dont see a coherent agrument or point, I apologize.  

When the ICC gave Zimbabwe a test status, nobody complained that much, espeically since Zimbabwe ended up giving a decent performance in the test arena in their initial years, and had the current circus not taken place over there, they would have definitely become a team by now that would have been better than West Indies, and even New Zealand or Srilanka today.

But all hell broke loose when Bangladesh were given the status in 2000. People specifically complained that the ICC gave test status to Bangladesh looking at their interest in the game instead of standard. People still complain about that.

Now here is the thing. Zimbabwe had been playing in South African domestic season since 1900 or something, every year. Sri lanka used to get games from both India and Pakistan, friendly games much before they were given test status. Zimbabwe too used to get on the average at least 6 first class 3 day games, and at least 10 One day games from either English county sides, or A teams from test sides between 1980-1992. Thats why these countries had a higher standard of play when they entered the foray of test cricket. In addition to that, these countries had a 100 year old history of playing cricket, just like the Test Nations in most cases.

There are no such countries left in the world first off all.

Secondly, look at Zimbabwe now. ICC's decision to give that country test status ONLY because they had a good standard looks foolish now given that only 1% of the population, the whites, played the game over there. Once the whites were in one way or the other removed from the scene, you have a team that would not be able to compete even against the U15's of the test nations. But the worst thing is that since the balcks dont really care that much for cricket, and their govt can go ahead and say that we will do this or that and we dont care if test status is lost, you have a situation where anti cricket policies for individual interests will reign supreme, since there is no one who follows the game enough to criticize the activities.

Secondly, even much before the whites were strategically kicked out of the scene in Zimbabwe, there was a huge outflux of good players from Zimbabwe because of non cricketing reasons and this included black players like Everton Matambanazo and Brighton Watambwa (who was probably the fastest and the most accurate black bowler that Zimbabwe produced) as well. This was because of a terrible economy, and a terrible inflation rate (800%).

Bangladesh has none of these issues. The cricketers in Balgadesh are heroes, everyone follows their game over there. I cannot imagine Bangladesh Cricket board taking an obviously dumb decision or anti cricket decision and getting away with it, because not only their population but even the govt with scathe them for that. Though Bangladesh is a poor country, the criketers are well off and earn a very decent living from their game and have no reason to move out of that country. In any case the situation in Bangaldesh is not as bad as the African countries economically.

Looking at things 5 years into the future, you have a situation where Bangaldesh is likely to become a strong cricketing nation, but Zimbabwe is expected to go down even further, not because they dont have the talent (they are overloaded with talent) but because the cricket board is likely to kick out the player when they reach the old age of 25, and hence they will always keep on starting from a scratch every 5 years. The fact that they had to come from behind to tie with the depleted Kenya side also tells you the story of how bad they have become and how hopeless the situation is.

So the ICC needs to take other factors, in addition to standard into account as well. And I feel that the ICC made the right call in incorporating Bagladesh in the test arena. They are a test country definitely looking at their cricket fans, even if their standard is low at the momment. But hey, what is a test match? To me a test match is one which goes into 4 innings at least. And Bangladesh did manage to push both their tests against Sri lanka into the 4th innings and they did need a 150 or so in both tests in the final innings to win. So I think their performance was a test performance.

Passion in huge numbers usually means that it is only a matter of time, 10 years or so, before the team will become competitive at the international arena.

  1. Sobhit Man Shrestha
    March 15, 2006 at 8:18 pm

    what’s your thought about final ODI between SA vs AUS.

    I think, it could be the best promotion of cricket, am i right?

  2. ajaya
    April 13, 2006 at 12:47 am

    so close yet so far…
    today’s loss to australia must be real bittersweet for the tigers

    pride in the fact that they pushed the world champion to the limit and nearly pulled off perhaps the greatest upset in the history of test match cricket

    yet so very bitter that they couldnt seal the deal

    this is the second time the only thing that has stood between b’desh and a test match upset has been the opposing captain scoring a century

    inzi in multan a couple of years back
    and now ponting

    diverging, tho.. ponting’s 31st!!!!! century
    anyone think he will overhaul tendulkar’s 35 by the end of this year?
    at the rate at which he’s going, it almost seems a done deal 🙂

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