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News: Argentina qualify for Americas Div 1…

Argentina has beaten Bahamas to win Americas Div 2 title and proceed to Div 1. From Div 2, Belize have been relegated to Div 3.

Argentina was always the strongest team in this division and I was actually surprised at why they are playing with the rest of these teams anyway. But it looks like Americas Region did not want to have a tournament bigger than 5 team in any division. In Div 1, Argentina is likely to lose to Caymans Island and end up NOT qualifying for the WCQS Div 3, which would officially put them out of reckoning for a ranking in the top 30 cricketing countries of the world. I would have loved to see an Italy v Argentina cricket match in WCQS Div 3. Argentina however, is a good omen for the ICC, and they should take some interest in it. Not only is it NOT an old colony of England, but their players are primarily Argentina born. Their U19 team is totally Argentina born, and in the Americas region, the perhaps have the higest number of junior involvement after Canada. Not to mention the country has 40 million people, and it will be good to have a strong cricket playing country in a region (South America) where cricket is nothing but as strange as Curling in Pakistani villages.

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    April 10, 2006 at 11:32 am

    Good news for sure, the Argentines have actually played in every single ICC trophy except for last years edition, and after some time in the wilderness, hopefully this will signal their comeback.

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