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News: MCC recruits 2 Afghans for their cricket team

This is a slightly strange piece of news. MCC usually recruits European cricketers, either retired Englishmen or sometimes talented players from the 4 neighbouring countries. Good for Afghanistan that 2 of their players will get this benefit. I guess the massive thrashing they gave the MCC caused the recruiting.

I am not all that surprised, because as far as I have read, there are like 1 million cricketers in afghanistan. They didnt have a ground, which they are now working on, and they didnt have an academy that they have just opened up.

But one has to take things into perspective. First of all, all South Asian countries get cricket on their television sets all day. That is why all of Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Maldives are so much interested in the game. Secondly, 4 million afghans lived in Pakistan for 20 years and only returned to native land 3-4 years back.

  1. sadiq kakar
    April 4, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Heloo dear viewers !!!!!!!!!!!

    im really happy to send u my point of view about afghan national cricket team

    as u know afghan national cricket team had more achivements in less time

    therefore im really hopeful about their future and specially their copetations in world cup 2010 and 2011

    i wish they get more vectories there either

    ok I dont waste more time of u all Bye

    Best Regards
    Mohammad Sadiq “Kakar” From Mazar-e-Sharif Afghanistan

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