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Opinion: Argentina’s junior progress…..

It seems that Argentina recently toured Chile with their U15 and U13 teams….. and beat the hosts on all games in both age groups, some of them being Aus v Namibia like mismatches. I am quite impressed with Argentina's progress. How far they have imporved in standard can only be gauged by the Americas Championship Div 1 performance and also in the U19 championship next year, but I am talking about mainstreaming their game. Someone once told me from Argentina that only people with British descent play the game over there, and no body else cases. While it may be the case that nobody cares, I tend to disagree with the fact that only people with British descent are playing. I mean, take a look at the names of some their performers at the U15 level: Agustine Hussain, Sebastian Fennel, Juan Pablo Bordacahar, Marcos Orteu, Raul Fregossi, Juan Pinnilla, Nicolas Bocazzi, Santiago Irixity and Gerardo Rocha hardly sound like they are of British descent. And these were the top performers of the tour.

Same is the case at the U13 level. Franco Martinangeli, Juan Querel, Augusto Mustafa, Federico Mollo Pintos, Gaston Matlob, Federico Fernandez Rouyet, Francisco Jara, Ignacio Abal, Gaston Basualdo are not British descent names, though some of them is a very strange mix of South Asian Muslim and Hispanic names.

Perhaps they are all of British descent with Hispanic names, but I would be surprised if that is the case.

I am a little surprised at Chile folding up so easily against Argentina; I used to think that they are get much better every year. But it looks like they have a way to go.

Argentina national team too has some names that sound like they are ethnically argentinans and not of British descent. Gaston Arizaga, Matrin Siri, Perez Rivero, Diego Lord, S Nino look to be of Argentinan descent. Most of the team is argentinian born anyway.

Off course, it goes without saying that that I may be all wrong, because all that I am doing is reading names.

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  1. Sheila Mac Dermott
    August 9, 2006 at 5:57 pm

    I am the mother of Juan Pablo Bordacahar, captain of the under 15 team of cricket from Argentina. As you may see my son’s complete name is Juan Pablo Bordacahar Mac Dermott, which of course shows he has no British roots, but he does have Irish ancestors.
    This is just to let you know that as you yourself state you were just reading names when you mentioned that you were surprised that there were no British names among the players.
    Anyway you are right too, as there are more and more Argentine people playing cricket now, although we still are a small community.
    My older son Julian is also a player and has been the captain of the under 19 team until last year, he is 20 now.
    My nephew is Bily mac Dermott, captain of the Argentine Squad. So as you can see we are a family of cricketers.
    Nice reading your comments about our team
    Sheila Mac Dermott

  2. August 10, 2006 at 12:24 am

    Shiela, thanks for your clarification…… and best of luck to your nephew for the Americas Div I championships…..

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