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News: Scotland thrash Namibia…..

Scotland have beaten Namibia in their intercontinental cup match. This is a little strange. I was expecting this to the result, but for Scotland to beat Namibia in 3 days by an innings doesnt bode well for Namibian cricket. Namibia have been feeling bad for quite sometime that they were never given a chance to play Bermuda, and perhaps beat them in the ICC trophy. Thrashings like this do not help that logic. One has to keep into account that generally countries from flat tracks struggle in British Isles because of the conditions and movement, and Namibia being an amateur country amplifies that problem. But still, losing in this manner should not be acceptable. I mean, if they are losing like this to Scotland, then perhaps these 2 teams are in different leagues. We will have to wait and see what Namibia do against Ireland and also what UAE does against these 3 countries to show relative strength.

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