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News: Malaysia edge out Singapore…

Personally, I am surprised at this news, because Malaysia is supposed to be much stronger than Singapore. The match was a 3 day match as part of the ACC premier league (former FTCT Cup). Competing teams are UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. The brief score is as follows:

Singapore 1st Innings 233 all out in 82 overs ( Chaminda Ruwan 118, Narendar Reddy – 28, Glenn Meyars 21, Suresh Navaratnam 3/54, Anuar Arudin 3/51, Rohan Vishnu Suppiah 2/22)
Malaysia 1st Innings 218 all out in 81.3 overs ( Dinesh Muthuraman 94, Rohan Selvaratnam 29, Suresh Navaratnam 18, M.Muniandy 17 not out, Anish Param 4/56, Balaji Narasimhan 4/31)
Singapore 2nd Innings 113 all out in 41.3 overs (Kevin Robertson 30, Chaminda Ruwan 22, Rohan Vishnu Suppiah 5/25, Eszrafiq Ab Aziz – 2/3)
Malaysia 129 for 6 (Rakesh Madhavan 54, M.Krishnamurthi 49 not out, Pramod Raja 2/14, Balaji Narasinman 2/22)
Result: Malaysia won by 4 wickets

Malaysia at one point were 52/5 chasing the 129 for victory in the last innings. They should not have made this game hang on the knife edge this much. Looks like Malaysia still has a way to go. Singapore is still an all expatriate based team, so perhaps a good performance like this should not be taken to assume that their cricket development is coming along well or anything of that nature.

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  1. Nishadh Rego
    August 11, 2006 at 7:06 am

    Let me tell you that UAE are miles above the rest at the senior level. Apart from them, there are about 9 or 10 teams that are relatively equal in quality in Asia.

  2. Joy
    August 25, 2006 at 6:48 pm

    So who won between Malaysia and Singapore in the ACC Trophy 2006 last week? :p

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