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News: Zimbabwe anhilate Canada….

Zimbabwe have just finished their ODI vicotry against Canada by 143 runs. And if you thought the score would probably be something like Zim 320 and Canada 180, you were wrong. Canada did very well to restrict Zimbabwe to 218, but then slumped to 4-4 in 4 overs (?) and ended up making only 75.

This is quite disappointing, although Canada will have the excuse that they have not played any cricket at all since October because of winters in that country. I was expecting this to be the result, but not like this.

Perhaps the stronger associates should take on Zimbabwe and maybe even Bangladesh. I do not know why the weakest ones were given an outing with Zimbabwe. I am quite sure that Netherlands, Scotland or Ireland may actually be able to give both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe a tough fight, though they may still eventually lose.

Canada lost all 3 of their imports after they had contributed 3 runs to the total in aggreagate. Heaney, Barnett and Davison all went cheaply. Canada will probably end up getting the unflattering sobriquet of a 'one trick pony'. When Davision makes the runs, they are in the game, otherwise they are not. They give very inconsistent performance.

Lets see what Bermuda can bring to the table tommorrow, since unlike Canada, they have been playing around quite a lot since January, a some of it in the West Indies where they actually performed quite reasonably.

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  1. Ram
    May 16, 2006 at 7:57 pm

    Hi Nasir…

    Ever since I came across your blog last week, I’ve been visiting your webpage on a daily basis for your comments and views about cricket, especially about cricket in the non-test countries!! I must really appreciate your knowledge of the game and I find your insight into the cricketing cultures of the various Associate/Affliate countries really thought-provoking.

    Coming to the topic, I must confess the last few ODIs that Zimbabwe have played against Associate countries have all been ‘reality checks’ for me!!

    5 ODIs vs Kenya: I expected Kenya to beat Zim by a margin of atleast 4-1 given Kenya’s progress in the 2003 WC and Zim’s degradation in the last 2-3 years but as we saw, Kenya just managed to draw the series level. Though this can be attributed to Kenya’s lack of exposure since the 2003 WC, the presence of vastly experienced ‘senior’ players stood in Kenya’s favor!! Just goes to show that even the strongest Associate team (arguably) has some real catching up to do with Zim, leave alone Bangladesh!!

    ODI v Canada: This was a real shocker for me today when I checked out Canada’s response (75 all out) to a rather modest Zim total of 218. Canada’s batting performance was reminescent of USA’s performance in their (in)famous ODI against Aus, which in my view, is simply not acceptable for an Associate nation when playing against a bunch of club cricketers!! Though I don’t know much about the Canadian or Bermudian teams, I always have this feeling that Bermuda are the weakest of the six Associate countries and hence would struggle even more against Zim when their turn comes up in this tri nation series.

    Having said this, I would love, as you say, to see the top Associate countries, namely Ken, Sco, Ire and Netherlands play regularly against Zim and even Bangladesh in their build-up to WC 2007 though the only way I see such matches being money-spinners is by making Bangladesh host them!!

  2. May 16, 2006 at 10:18 pm


    Bermuda is ranked lower than Canada overall. But they have been playing cricket in the last 3-4 months. They had a terrible tour of UAE which they lost 4-0 to the hosts, including two games against UAE A. But after that, they have had a reasonable tour of WI in which they played some top club sides and I think 1 or 2 domestic teams. So they may not perform as badly as Canada did today. But they only way we will know for sure is to wait till tommorrow and see.

    Regarding the Ken v Zim series, you are not alone, I was also expecting Kenya to beat Zim at least by 3-2. Who knows, that may have happenned had the last game taken place.

  3. Cuen Lucas
    May 17, 2006 at 6:08 am

    If the Canadians did struggle with being rusty, then I’ll take this game as the exception rather than the rule, their next encounter should be more interesting.

    OOC:Nasir, check out the Europe section of the CricketEurope forum, I’d like to see your thoughts on what’s being discussed there.

  4. May 17, 2006 at 11:17 am

    see my thoughts here? or on cricketeurope forum?

  5. Cuen Lucas
    May 17, 2006 at 1:40 pm

    It’s up to you, Nasir, whichever one you want.

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