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Opinion: Why 2 day format for ACC U15?

I found the format to be strange in any case even before the tournament, but the tournement by itself has shown me that it was the most pointless thing to do. The 2 day, 50 overs per innings format of the elite ACC U15 tournament is probably a bad idea, and perhaps, the selection of Malaysia for this tournament was also a bad idea due to the kind of weather that has befallen them so far.

Only Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Nepal have come out to be stronger teams than the others, with Malaysia looking to be the strongest (they dismissed Nepal for 50 runs on their opening match). It would have been much better had they played a double round robin of 50 overs matches instead of what they are doing at the momment. ACC has to realize that it is not because of playing 'multi day long innings' in the streets of Pakistan, India or Sri lanka that these teams have a high standard of play, and perhaps at this age level, the 2 day format is not that great of an idea.

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  1. Ram
    June 9, 2006 at 1:02 pm

    It’s probably not surprising that Nepal have convincingly won the ACC U-15 Cup defeating UAE in the 2-day final. Brief scores can be found in the ACC website. Congrats to Nepal!

    It’s now upto the ICC to step in and force the BCCI to involve itself in developing Nepalese cricket. The question is: Does the ICC have its priorities and vision for the game right?

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