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Opinion: Highest Junior Cricket Involvement …

The following countries currently have the highest enrollment in junior cricketing activities amongst the associates. This includes many different things like Kanga cricket, elementary school cricket leagues, cricket clinics, and single day cricket festivals organized by the national cricket bodies. This usually is reflective of the age levels below 13, and the cricket played is not a 50 over game, and is not necessarily in the form that ODI cricket is played. It is also not played with a hard ball, and the teams usually have less than 11 players per team.

  1. Uganda (24780)
  2. Scotland (11808)
  3. Indonesia (11156)
  4. Namibia (9700)
  5. Canada (9500)
  6. Italy (5038)
  7. Kenya (4900)
  8. Thailand (4681)
  9. Vanuatu (4486)
  10. Zambia (4225)
  11. Malaysia (4060)
  12. Nigeria (4050)

Hopefully, the Namibian numbers reflect indegenous population, and not just the white minority that is playing cricket at elementary level. Canadian numbers, I am 98% sure, reflect only the south asian immigrant's children. None of this is bad though, because the south asian immigrant kids are as Canadian as anyone else, and the same is the case with the Namibian whites. Its not an ideal situation, but its not that bad either.

The interesting thing is Vanuatu, with a total population of only 200K, taking up ninth place.

The other important thing to note is that in South Asia, there is little concept of registering kids for cricket etc. So Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Maldives dont feature here, though I am quite sure that they all have junior involvement levels above 10K in all of them. I think Afghanistan may actually have a number close to 100K. Non stop cricket on tv also ensures that an intro to cricket clinic is not really needed in the South Asian countries.

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  1. farhan
    December 12, 2007 at 1:51 am

    intersting article i think Italy (5038) did surpize me.i think most of young kids would be indigenious players?.thats why they not yet been ablle to rise up so higly compaered to some other european nations.
    surprize about some african nations how they get so many young kids involved to cricket i dont see any free tv coverage of cricket available in such countries .seems to great work of these resepctive associations of africa.

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