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News: Uganda beat Kenya A again…

Both Uganda and Kenya A managed to reach the final of the Atul Shah Memorial cup in Kenya, and Uganda repeated their pool performance against Kenya A by beating them, but it was much more comprehensive this time by 47 runs. Uganda batted first and made 183 runs, and Kenya A could not muster more than 136 for the loss of all their wickets.

So please, for future tours, lets have Kenya v Uganda instead of involving A teams. Perhaps even a triangular involving Kenya, Namibia and Uganda would be interesting to follow.

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  1. June 12, 2006 at 5:23 am

    2 Points – First, I think a real Kenya A i.e one that included the best players from the Coast, would have given Uganda a better run for their money, maybe even beaten them. At the moment, I think a match between Kenya and Uganda would still be too one sided for Kenya to get anything out of.
    As a pointer to the future however, this is a worry for Kenya – really our A side should beat Uganda easily if we are going to be taken seriously. It is to Uganda’s credit how easily they won this tournament, and certainly gives them a platform from which to call for full internationals between the two countries in the future.
    One thing I think both countries must do is start playing each other over 4 days. This would really benefit both nations immensly.

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