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News: Scotland lose to Pakistan

Scotland lost to Pakistan by 5 wickets within 44 overs. After batting first, and reeling at 20/4, Neil McCullum and Ryan Watson took the Scotland score to 138, and eventually to 203/8 in 50 overs. McCullum made 68 (129 balls, 4 4s, 1 6s) and Watson made 80 (85 balls, 13 4s, 1 6s). Pakistan were not at full strength with Rana Naveed and Shoaib Akhtar missing, the inclusion of whom could have meant a Scottish dismissal under 100 after they were 4 down at 20. But we never know. Pakistan was probably also still in jet lag because they landed in the UK a day back.

The only batsman missing from the Scotland ranks was Kyle Coetzer. If this had been a 3 match series, which it probably should have been, we may have seen even better performances by Scotland because they would have been able to get their top team going.

The star of the show was Paul Hoffman, who reduced Pakistan to 3-67, ending up with brilliant match figures of 10-2-22-3. Blain was a little disappointing with his 9-0-41-0 spell, because the target was only 200 runs, not 250. Gordon Goudie and Dougie Brown were perhaps missed quite a lot. Pakistan at one point became 94/5 in 25.2 overs, but then a 100+ run partership between Razzaq (who had earlier been slughtered by Scottish batsmen for 8 runs an over!) and Yousaf saw Pakistan home.

After this performance, the ideal Scotland team to me looks like the following:

Navdeep Poonia, Ian Stanger or Douglas Lockhart
Ryan Watson
Kyle Coetzer
Gavin Hamilton
Neil McCullum
Colin Smith
Craig Wright
Dougie Brown
John Blain
Ross Lyons
Paul Hoffman

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    June 27, 2006 at 1:06 pm

    Well done to Scotland on being able to give Pakistan the wobbles, pity they couldn’t make it stick but these things come with experience, something that Cricinfo pointed was one of the main things behind the sucess of the Yousuf/Akhtar partnership. So for an under strength Scottish side to take five wickets, keep the run rate under 5.00, and force the Pakistan innings into the last 10 overs was quite impressive. One other thing that was good to see was that the game was played in front of a sell out crowd.

  2. Ram
    June 27, 2006 at 5:06 pm

    Yes, I think Scotland did really well to push Pakistan after collapsing to 20/4 within the first 10 overs..The stand out performers for Scotland were easily Ryan Watson and Paul Hofmann, and they should be looking more confident after today’s performance.

    After seeing today’s as well as Ireland’s ODI, I’m more and more convinced that the main factor separating these top Associates from the Test teams is experience, not just in terms of number of games played but in terms of handling pressure in crunch situations that more or less turns out to be the defining moment of the match!..For example, Scotland at 138/4 off 32 overs should have easily got to 225-230 but ultimately struggled to even touch 200. Similarly, having Pakistan at 94/5 with just their keeper-batsman to follow, they should have atleast made Pakistan sweat for victory but then they were allowed to get away fairly easily..

    However, the main point to be highlighted, as Cuen pointed out was the match being played in front of a sell-out crowd of 3,200, above Cricket Scotland’s projected figure of 2,500..This performance should hopefully inspire more Scots to follow their team in the Intercontinental Cup matches and other ODIs as their team builds up to the big one next year..

  3. June 28, 2006 at 5:51 am


    Ireland may also need to find some better players. Scotland’s players are ok, and only need more exposure and experience at this level. Netherlands probably also needs experience, but also need to find pace bowlers.

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