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News: ICC to give $1 million to each qualifying associate for 2011 WC

Looks like the top 6 associates after the 2009 ICC trophy are going to be given a lot of money by the ICC. It used to be $125 K for the 2003 WC, then went up to $500K for the 2007 WC, and now $1mil for the 2011 WC. In addition to that, the temporary ODI status has already started showing a lot of benefits (provided you look at the right countries) with Scotland and Ireland not only making the money from these games, but also showing that they can be competitive, and get their crowd and media to patronize the game a fair bit as well.

I was thinking that perhaps an amount close to $500K per year was needed to get the associates going. But one has to see that the ICC IS moving in the right direction but they are limited by funding. Which is also why I dont see the point of funding a country where either the population is too low (Bermuda, Geurnsey, Cook Islands, Cayman Islands), or the game is not high standard because of the structure and interest, but because of South Asian recent expats or imports (Canada, UAE, USA), at least at this point in time. Investments in such countries is not going to get the desired result, precisely because they are not going to be able to make use of it in the best possible way. Plus the ICC, I think also needs to think about business of cricket. Bermuda is unlikely to add any substantial amount to the World Cups TV rights because of its small economy and population, and the Canadian, well, they are 90% expats backing West Indies, India or Pakistan anyway, so what difference does it make if Canada qualifies or not.

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