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News: Scotland to make $108K profit from the Pakistan ODI

It looks like Scotland is going to profit by at least 60K-70K pounds ($108K-$126K) from the one off Pakistan ODI. I have been saying for a long time, and its good that the associates are on board with this, that at least 6-7 sell out games like this are going to sustain a professional cricket side. This was only in Edinburgh, and with only a ground capacity of 3200 people. If the ground capacity is increased to 7-10K, and the games are spread out in 3-4 grounds all over the country, there is no doubt that Scotland will be able to touch about a million pounds in one year from the ODI games. The will help them in organizing more tours, making the side professional, spending the money on schools programs etc and getting more and more people into the game. This also goes for Ireland, Holland. Kenya perhaps already has a professional side. Canada will not be able to do this, because as far as I can guess, nobody is going to show up to watch their matches, while everyone is going to show up to watch India v West Indies in Toronto. Bermuda is perhaps too small a country to make use of something like this, but their government has put some money into the game, and it likely to sustain the players in that manner. Still, the govt cannot keep on patronizing the sport forever, and I think Bermuda will eventually lose out on the numbers game. 60K is just too small a country, unless they become world beaters and end up being in high demand from the other boards.

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  1. Ram
    June 30, 2006 at 9:55 am

    Good that both Scotland and Ireland have made valuable money from their one-off ODIs..

    Now here’s the dilemma…Should the ICC give permanent ODI status to these leading Associates so that they can make money by regularly hosting ODIs that can help professionalize the system which can in turn improve the game’s standards in the countries or should the ICC wait for the game’s standards to increase before giving the ODI status??

    I believe that the ICC should adopt the former strategy for ODIs and the latter strategy for Tests..

    Also, a permanent ODI status leading to 6-7 ODIs every season can make TV companies interested and once TV comes in, getting money into the game should be a lot easier..

  2. June 30, 2006 at 9:57 am

    I dont think standard is an issue when it comes to Scotland. They have always had the same standard as a weak ODI nation, they have rarely looked out the league altogether.

  3. Bruce Gaskell
    July 4, 2006 at 4:03 am

    If games like this become a regular fixture for associates then their income could rise considerably. The only problem is I can’t see where 6 or 7 games a season are going to come from, even though Scotland is one of the best placed associates to hold them. At best there will be one each from the two touring teams visiting England, and one every other year from England itself. On top of this they might be able to schedule a 3 match series against the likes of Kenya, Denmark etc. but I doubt games against other associates would be much of a draw for fans or broadcasters.

    The key I think is getting teams like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and NZ to beef up their schedule (which is a lot less demanding than the likes of England, India or Aus) to play mini tours against worthy opponents amongst the associates.

  4. July 4, 2006 at 8:42 am

    The big 8 test countries have shown their reservations about playing Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. I cannot forsee Bangladesh and Zimbabwe getting the 30 ODIs per year against the big 8. Hence if they are going to get only 15 or less ODIs against the big 8, there are still about 15 ODIs that either country can play in the season, and that is where, at the momment, the associate countries should come in.

    I have asked this question before. Will Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands be able to sell the tickets for the games against the Zim and Ban? What about against each other? If so, then that is the direction they need to go in. It will be virtually impossible to schedule anything against the big 8 because of 2 things 1) ICCs future tours programme that is well packed and set for the next 6 years, and 2) The temp ODI status of the top associates, which means that they cannot schedule an ODI beyond 3 years.

    Since England is not touring Ireland next year, and India IS playing Scotland next year, I dont know if West Indies will play Ireland or Netherlands?

    Best bet is for Zim/Sco/Ban/Net/Ire/Ken to play each other. They have somethings going for them as well. For example, Zim, Ban and Ken are pro squads, who have no issues of taking time off from work, and can tour the European associates for a month long tour if required. Secondly, these countries have good facilities and can host the Europeans for full ODIs if needed, and the cost is not going to be high either.

  5. Bruce Gaskell
    July 4, 2006 at 9:22 am

    As you say the big 8 are hardly going to like scheduling extra ODIs, which is why games like the recent Scotland-Pakistan match, which served as a warm up for Pakistan, should become the norm, as both sides get something out of it.
    If the ICC was to get really proactive about expansion they should make sure every touring side to England plays Scotland or Ireland in a warm up,
    every side in India plays Nepal, every side in South Africa plays Namibia, every side in Pakistan plays Afghanistan (in Pakistan to start with).
    In nearly all cases there would be no more travelling expenses than during a normal tour, and the opposition would be as strong as a regular domestic team.

    “I have asked this question before. Will Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands be able to sell the tickets for the games against the Zim and Ban? What about against each other?”
    I think people would give Zimbabwe a miss for various reasons, but apart from that there would be some demand, though less so in The Netherlands.

  6. July 4, 2006 at 12:31 pm

    I think the warm up idea is the only pratcial one at the momment. Netherlands would have liked to have the low on morale, adjusting to considtions, Sri lankan team warm up against them rather than the champs they ended up becoming and THEN playing Netherlands.

    Regarding Afghanistan getting to play games against opposition IN Pakistan, it is a viable option, but I dont know if the PCB would be interested. The option is viable because most of the Afghan team is in Kabul, which is only 2 hours drive away from Peshawar, a test venue. I dont think the PCB will be interested because tours to Pakistan are very short, and essentially there are only a couple of first class or limited overs matches as warm up before the full series begins, and PCB have always been fielding an A side to play in them. They would not like to cut that out and incorporate afghanistan, and I dont think they should either. It is up to the Afghan board to talk to the visiting team and get a match arranged, using the PCB facilities. I think the PCB would not have any problem in not charging rent to the Afghan team.

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