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News: Another joke by Canada

After their masterful performance in the Tri Nation series with Zim and Bermuda, before which this nation owning an ODI tag could not even get their team together to practise, it looks like Canada have fired their PR person, and get this, according to Crickinfo, it was done because he was doing too good a job in too short of a time !!!!!

Now, here is my question. Canada is supposed to have around 15K cricketers, expats or whatever you want to call them. Why could they not care less about this? Why nothing in the media, no heated discussions on any websites etc? Nothing at all. Could it be….. excuse me for even thinking…. that they could not care less?

Regarding the Mayor playing cricket, I thought it was an excellent PR move by the person who just got fired. Also, I read some of this outgoing guy’s views on getting the image of cricket higher in Canada etc through canadacricket.com I think, and they were good views, amde a lot of sense, showed someone who understood cricket management and also Canada’s culture, and someone who was taking out the time to do something for the game over there.

And the president of the CCA is living in a dream world, thinking of Canada playing Test Cricket in 10 years, and also of $300 million coming in for the support of Canadian Cricket. It baffles me at times how much the presidents of USA and Canada Cricket have no idea about the low standards of their own countries or the high standards of other countries. The US Cricket Association also had in their objectives to achieve ODI status by 2005!?!?! All they achieved was a loss to Uganda and Oman in the 2005 ICC Trophy.  

I once asked Nick Deverell that such goofy things can only be done when the country overall does not really care about the sport. Thats the only way that people can take decisions on personal whims and grudges and get away with it, because the public doesnt care. He said that this was not true for Kenya, or other countries where the buearocratic system was such that even if people cared they couldnt do anything. I will take his word for it about Kenya. But unless my geography is really bad, Canada is not an African dictatorship, and such things should not have happenned, unless….. you guessed it…… nobody really cares that much.

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  1. June 30, 2006 at 4:10 pm

    Well, I did find this one letter on canadacricket.com. But still where are the 17K registered cricketers in Canada who, as I was to believe it, are interested in the development of the game over there?


  2. Cuen Lucas
    June 30, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    Honestly, I can’t help but shake my head, this is really unbelievable.
    So many times people have talked about the importance of cricket having popular support in non-test nations, and just when Canada is really making good progress in this department, what do they do? Fire the guy because he’s too popular, Cricinfo’s headline summed it up perfectly, just sad that that Canadian cricket will suffer as a result.
    As for Eddie Norfolk himself, I’m pretty sure that Canada’s loss will be someone else’s gain, hopefully one of the other top associates will recognize the potential opprotunity that is being presented to them.

  3. Ram
    June 30, 2006 at 5:56 pm


    Actually, I saw this letter a couple of days ago on their site but couldn’t give it importance because:

    1. That sounded really strange and there was no mention about whose decision it was and what his motives were!

    2. Why would the CCA publish such a letter in its own website?

  4. July 2, 2006 at 6:30 pm

    THe way Canada and the States run their cricket, maybe we should make them honorary Africans. Why the ICC does not step in is beyond me. I know the ‘sovereign nation’ bull – it was the same excuse used for not stepping in earlier in Kenya. Eventually it happened anyway. One would think that a lesson would have been learnt from that…

  5. July 2, 2006 at 9:46 pm

    The ‘sovereign nation’ thing is a valid argument. The only problem is, it holds up in countries where people want to play cricket, in a significant enough numbers. For example, if left on their own, the Bangladeshi board WILL try to improve their standard. Because if they dont, people will call for their sacking etc. But it cant work in countries where for one reason or the other, either people dont care or cant do anything about it i.e. Kenya, Zimbabwe, USA, Canada even Nepal players are sicka nd tired of their board’s inefficiency. Thats the only way that Zimbabwe was able to state that they dont care if they are thrown out of Test status. Can you imagine Bangladesh saying that?

    I think the ICC should have stepped in to both Zimbabwe and Kenya on the basis on financial irregulaities. They should have been able to see these things quickly since they want audited accounts every year.

    But you are right that Uganda’s program is being run for lesser money by Tom Tikolo, a Kenyan. Which makes the old KCA look very bad though

  6. Cuen Lucas
    July 5, 2006 at 6:10 am

    That’s a good point about the audits Nasir, I mean what’s the point of making the countries hand over these audits if the ICC isn’t really interested in the results?

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