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News: Denmark thrash Kenya A

Well well. Looks like all those common sense indicators that told us that this was going to be a mismatch were correct after all. Denmark beat Kenya A by 113 runs, and Kenya A could not even bat out 32 overs. I dont know from where Kooperholdt and Klokker showed up in the Danish team given that there was an annoucement that only a Denmark A team would play this match. Thomas Hansen, their top bowler, was missing, and so were Carston Pederson, Michael Pederson, B Singh and Zeeshan Shah.

Despite that Kenya A lost out to them. Now, in about 3 years time, I think this IS going to be the Kenya team. So the ICC may have done a good job in asking them to qualify again in 2009 for ODI status and the world cup, because at the momment, it doesnt look like these A team lads will be able to do so.

Then again, who knows. Maybe Kenya will beat the full strength Danish team tommorrow and turn the tour on its head. Going by their current performances, I dont think so.

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  1. Ram
    June 30, 2006 at 10:22 am

    Actuall,y given Kenya A’s performances on this tour, I was impressed when they restricted Denmark to 222 though the pursuit of 223 was always going to be a wild-goose chase..Btw, the team that played in this match seems quite different from the one that played the Dutcha few weeks back.

    I think the ICC has really done well in asking Kenya to qualify for the 2011 World Cup..By the look of things, it could be a real struggle for them to make the top 6..And, given that Kenya and Zimbabwe are probably of similar levels, would it be fair to ask Zimbabwe to qualify as well?

  2. Ram
    June 30, 2006 at 11:01 am

    And…while Kenya A got thrashed, the Dutch side managed to defeat an MCC side without Cairns (away on club commitments) and Nabi(??)!!..Encouraging news for Dutch cricket..

  3. June 30, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    When Bangladesh thrashed Kenya in the 4 match ODI series in March, everyone said that the difference between the two teams has become too much because of Bangladesh getting to play regular Test cricket and Kenya were unable to even play a match in 2 years.

    I now think that perhaps that series was not about how much Bangladesh have improved, but how much Kenya has declined. Looking at their A team, given that At least 4 of these guys, Ngoche (i think), Mishra, Luseno and Ouma were in the full Kenyan team, I cannot see how it was a class act by Bangladesh to outclass Kenya. Denmark will proabably give Kenya run for their money as well, especially if Tikolo is dismissed for less than 20, which he will probably be in half the matches, just like in Bangladesh.

    Zimbabwe, actually, are doing pretty well in the A team Tests with Bangaldesh. They drew the second test, with at least Masakadza, Matsikeyiri, Mfulasimbi etc doing pretty well with the bat. Sean Williams is back for Zimbabwe selection. Chibhaba was quite good too on the West Indies tour. So we cannot say much about Zim and Ken comparative standard at the momment I think. We will have to wait for a bilateral series to find out. But I think Scotland, Ireland and Netherlands may be better than Zim, and Scotland may even be better than Bangaldesh.

    Once again, that Zim/Ban/Sco/Net/Ken/Ire league tournament is needed to get a better perspective on world cricket 🙂

  4. Ram
    June 30, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    Yes!..The more Bangladesh play, the murkier it seems to get between the top Associates and Bangladesh/Zimbabwe..I expected Ban A to thrash Zim A hands down, especially in the 4-day version but the fact is though Ban A have dominated both the games, Zim A have stood up to the task on more than one occasion..Who knows? We may even be in for a surprise in the 5-match ODI series to follow, not only between the A teams but also between the senior teams!

    And..Someone needs to pull Zim/Ban into the World league tournament ahead of the ICC favorites Bermuda and Canada 🙂

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