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News: Netherlands beat MCC

Dan Van Bunge scored 70 of 116 balls while Tim De Leede scored 63 of 75 balls as Netherlands beat MCC by 53 runs in Rottterdam. For the Netherlands bowling, their main problem, Mark Jonkman did pretty well with a spell of 8-1-33-2 while Peter Borren ended up with 8-0-28-2. Netherlands total score was a very competitive 265.

First, a little perspective. Brown, Cairns and Nabi were missing from the MCC team from their previous matches. So this MCC team was a fairly weaker than the previous games. But at the same time, the Dutch didnt have Zuiderant, Ten Doeschate, Reekers, Schifferli or Van Troost, and they were playing both Smits and Buurman. So technically it was not the best Dutch team either.

One thing I dont understand is how come Pieter Seelaar, a spinner, opened the bowling attack? Netherlands perhaps should have tried 2 pace bowlers, but I think both Reekers and Stelling are fit now, and are available to play in the Sri Lanka games. Also, it seems that Ten Doeschate will be released by Essex for the Sri Lanka matches, so thats the biggest boost Netherlands could have recieved.

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    July 1, 2006 at 3:19 pm

    I’ve seen a spinner open the bowling attack before, one of the South African domestic sides tried it a couple of years ago with a surprisingly good result, basically what happens is that a spinner can also get a decent amount of bounce out of a new ball, and there’s also the surprise factor because the batsman wont be expecting a spinner to open the bowling.

    Good to see several players putting in good performances and really getting the momentum going ahad of the Sri Lanka ODI’s. And although Jonkamn isn’t on list for those ODI’s there’s a good chance he’s put his name in the minds of the selectors for the World Cup

  2. July 1, 2006 at 8:21 pm

    Well….. i have seen spiner attacking in the World Cup in ODIs….. Deepak Patel in the 1992 WC.

    But I wasnt sure about IF Seelaar did indeed open the attack of this this was a misprint. And in any case, Netherlands were supposed to try out their bowlers for the Sri Lanka games, obviously Seelaar is not going to attack in those games.

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