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News: Sri lanka decimate Netherlands… in more ways than one

It was a victory by 195 runs. But Sri lanka put Netherlands in the record books for the wrong reasons as they managed to score a record breaking 443 in 50 overs. In reply, Netherlands surprisngly found themselves in the game till the 7th or 8th over, but then the wheels came off.

In reality, Netherlands fared about as badly as England did a couple of days back. Sri lanka then amassed 324/2 in 37.4 overs. If they had gone on then, they would definitely have crossed the 420 run mark there as well.

Now looking at the ‘positives’ for Netherlands (which is now becoming a nauseating custom in associate games), there were only a couple. Kervezee, the 16 year old making his ODI debut, managed 47, while another youngster, the 38 year old De Leede, managed 52 off 42 balls. One other positive, depending upon how you look at it, was that this was not the worst defeat in ODI history. This was in fact a better effort than a loss that came Sri lanka’s way in 1984/85 at the hands of Australia by 232 runs.

Nonetheless, the main problem with Netherlands was exposed massively today. They dont have the bowling at all. I dont know what Schiferli could have done today, but Netherlands definitely needs a good spinner and at least 3 good seam bowlers. They dont have to be express pace (look at Hoffman from Scotland) but the current band of Reekers, Stelling, De Leede and Borren will probably not work.

Smits once again managed a not out score, albiet it was a 0, made off the 1 ball he faced. Van Troost confuses me one more time about whether he is a batsman or a bowler, or whether he is in the team because he is the captain only. Well, its not like he did a good job of rotating his bowlers or anything today, given the world record score. But Netherlands batting looks quite good for an associate team. Nothing world beating, but Kervezee, Van Bunge, Zuiderant, Schwarzinski, Buurman and ten Doeschate should see them in good shape at least for the next 10 years.

Bowlers are needed, badly….. and quickly.

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    July 4, 2006 at 1:38 pm

    It’s a puzzling turnaround from 3 years ago when Bob Woolmer was interviewed and asked about the associate’s strengths and weaknesses.He admitted that the associates weak point was their batting and it was their bowling and fielding that was sharp.

    As for the Netherlands specifically, I still think it’s a talented side, but they are really being hurt by a lack of experience, and assuming that they haven’t already, I think the KNCB should look at getting past players like Klaas Van Noortwijk, Paul-Jan Bakker etc. to impart some experience to the new players about what to expect at an ODI level, or even if the KNCB could be able to out some funds together to hire previous Dutch players to join Peter Cantrell as coaching staff.

    There was one thing that I didn’t understand, Van Troost decided to take himself out of the bowling attack, with his bowling figures on 0-33 after 5 overs, his economy rate was a bit high, but certainly the best, and I feel that his experience would have helped to a degree in stemming the runs.

    So overall there is something for the Dutch to be proud of, but there is also a lot to work on, and it is vital that the Dutch don’t let their heads drop.

  2. July 4, 2006 at 2:06 pm

    I would say they have little to be proud off. Minus Schiferli, they were playing with their full team, unlike Scotland and even Ireland.  

    I think for the next ODI, they need to replace Ten Doeschate with Schwarzinski, Borren with Jonkman, and Reekers with Grandia. Since the batting would have become a little weak, they can replace Smits with Buurman.

    Though, if I know Peter Cantrell, he is unlikely to make so many changes, except for the one he cannot avoid, that is Ten Doeschate, because he has to go back to Essex

  3. July 4, 2006 at 11:00 pm

    It seems that about 1K people showed up to watch this game of cricket. This is not good compared to the 7000 Irish, or the 3200 Scottish fans who were able to come up for their ODIs. Rod Lyall believes that the low number may also be because of it being a Tuesday, but I think that even the Ireland England game was on a workday. At least the ticket prices could not have been the issue because they were only 10 pounds a piece, which means that as opposed to the $100K+ numbers that Ireland and Scotland made, Netherlands has managed only about $15K from the game. But I am assuming that they must have made some decent money from the ground advertising, because I saw a lot of it in the pictures.

  4. Ram
    July 5, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    Well, I would like to make some observations about this ODI.

    1. Comparing this performance with Scotland’s or Ireland’s may not be exactly a fair one. Ireland played against an opposition that has an ODI record on par with Bangladesh in the last 6-8 months while Scotland were against a side that’s returning to cricket after a good two-month gap and used that ODI more as a warm up than anything else. On the other hand, Netherlands were hard done by a team that’s arguably playing its best ODI cricket since those heady days of the 1996 World Cup.

    And..Netherlands were murdered by a batsman who’s played such knocks even against the best of bowling attacks and is now going through a purple patch!..It’s not as if some unheard of new comers came and pulverised the Dutch..

    2. The evolution of ODI cricket over the last 5 years or so has really made it tougher for these Associates to stand up to the Test nations in ODIs! Had such an ODI taken place, say 15 years ago, a more likely score would have been the Test nation raking up 280-300 and bowling out the Associate nation for 150-175..Such a result wouldn’t seem half as bad as it appears now..Atleast in such a scenario, Netherlands would know that if they can bat out 50 overs, they can putup a decent score and keep the margin of defeat to acceptable levels..With the kind of scores being putup in ODIs now, even that motivation goes out of the window because even if Netherlands bat exceptionally, they can at best hope to get 300 and even then the margin of defeat would be around 150 runs!

    Now, Netherlands got 250…but even the die-hard optimists would dismiss that effort thanks to the margin of defeat!…While everyone praised Ireland for getting 260, noone feels it worthy to praise this batting effort of the Dutch…As I said, atleast Ireland had the motivation to bat out 50 overs in the hope that such an effort would make their performance creditable as against the Dutch, who would’ve hardly felt the motivation to be competitive when going out to bat!..And, despite that, they managed 250!

    It’s not that I’m trying to defend the Dutch’s performance here but I feel the situation isn’t as bad as it looks..Let’s see how this result affects their performance in the 2nd ODI..I would still say that if Netherlands bat first and get 250 and do manage to get that left-handed opener early, the script of the 2nd ODI could be a lot different from the first..

  5. Bruce Gaskell
    July 5, 2006 at 1:46 pm

    For what it’s worth I dont think a crowd of around 1000 is disatrous. This is a country with a small Cricketing culture where the idea of taking a full day off work to watch a sporting event is probably pretty alien. Obviously we hope for more but even if these matches struggle to break even I think they’re worth it.
    As for on the field I don’t have much to add, except let’s hope this 16 year old keeps learning and improving and he could be a great prospect.

  6. July 5, 2006 at 4:05 pm

    Personally I think Netherlands may have managed more than 270 if they were not trying to throw the sink at the ball on every delivery………. I believe they may do the same thing in the next game as well, score around 250……. but their bowling is the real problem……

    Jayasuriya cant do it 3 times in a row I think…. :)….. or I hope……. so it will be interesting to see how the Dutch perform today if Jayasuriya falls early……. in any case, they need to drop either Reekers or Stelling…… probably Reekers…….

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