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Euro championships U17/U23 Day 2 Round up

Netherlands U23 beat Scotland U23 by 109 runs

Outstanding performances for Netherlands: Harto Seelaar 37, GM Mol 35, Van Everdingen 33, B Westdijk 5-0-28-3, Borren 7-0-18-1
Outstanding performances for Scotland: None
(I am surprised by this result. Looks like Netherlands have another fringe bowler who is expensive but a wicket taking person… Westdijk)

Ireland U23 beat Denmark U23 by 194 runs

Outstanding performances for Ireland: Porterfield 113, K Carroll 100, K O Brien 60, Carroll 10-1-40-3
Outstnading performances for Denmark: Jeevaratnam 34, Qureshi 33
(Denmark has nothing at all to show at this level, which is quite bad. One the other hand, Carroll for Ireland is taking huge steps towards what can be a debut at ODI level. He has performed at every opputunity in the last 2 weeks)

Netherlands U17 beat Denmark U17 by 87 runs
Outstanding for Netherlands: Stijn Allema 39, Kamboj 7-1-13-2, L Brouwers 8-2-14-3
Outstanding for Denmark: A Ahmed 10-3-22-0, MS Arshad 10-1-36-3

Ireland U17 beat Scotland U17 by 7 wkts
Outstanding for Ireland: JD Hall 52*, JD Hall 10-4-19-4, Ackland 9.3-1-46-4
Outstanding for Scotland: Galloway 44, KW Morton 10-4-38-2

For the U17 tournament, tommorrow is a final match for the championship and also for the 3 place. This is a little surprising because I was not expecting Netherlands to pip Scotland for the spot. For U23, Ireland is likely to take the trophy, but Netherlands will once again end up coming in second over Scotland which is quite surprising. Denmark it looked like were there just to complete the numbers.

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