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Euro championships U17/U23 Day 3 Round up

Strangely, the U17 and U23 tournaments have the same standings at the conclusion. Ireland wins both, Netherlands runners up in both, Denmark without a win in both, and pretty much were never in any one of the games. The status quo is a little bit different from previous years, when Netherlands always used to have only 1 victory against Denmark in age level tournaments.

Ireland U23 beat Scotland U23 by 4 wkts.
Outstanding for Ireland: G Wilson 55,  C Mullen 84*, Boyd Rankin 10-2-27-3
For Scotland: O Hussein 83, C Anderson 8-0-34-2

Netherlands U23 beat Denmark U23 by 62 runs
Outstanding for Netherlands: Schwarzinski 99, Borren 69, Kohli 10-1-36-3
For Denmark: Yasir Iqbal 75*

Ireland U17 beat Netherlands U17 by 68 runs
Outstanding for Ireland: PR Stirling 61, NC Hamilton 55, Ackland 42, TS Lawson 40, Delany 9-1-33-3, Stirling 10-1-33-2
For Netherlands: Bob Entrop 51, Stijn Allema 37, Kamboj 10-3-29-1, O Lodder 7-1-39-3
(Kervezee kind of failed in all three games, which is surprising given that only he is an ODI player)

Scotland U17 beat Denmark U17 by 8 wkts
Outstanding for Scotland: KW Morton 10-3-19-2, Redhead 8-0-29-3, Galloway 10-6-12-0, Evans 7-1-31-3, Azhar 48
For Denmark: None

  1. Ram
    July 20, 2006 at 11:41 pm

    A few points can be concluded from both the tournaments:

    1. Ireland have hardly been tested in the six matches they’ve played in both the tournaments except for their last match against Scotland U-23…This along with their strong performances in the U-19 WC, decent crowd support for the senior team, good development programs, sound economy, facilities etc. seem to indicate that they are the next Test team in the horizon a few years down the line..

    2. On the other hand, Scotland’s age group teams, be it their U-17, U-19 or U-23 teams don’t have any results to showcase that they’ll be better off than the other Associates in future, indicating that they may even struggle to maintain this ranking of theirs, leave along graduating to the next level..

    3. Though Nepal U-19 may be a better team, I do think they can host Ireland U-19 for a few games, along with maybe Malaysia U-19..

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