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Opinion: A historical quirk on Denmark cricket…

In the 1979 ICC Trophy, which was going to give a berth to the 2 finalists for the 1979 World Cup, Denmark was the only team to achieve 16 points, 4 out of 4 wins in their group. Their group also contained Canada, who they beat very easily by 46 runs. The ICC Trophy format was a funny one, with 3 pools of 5 teams each, and the top 4 teams in ALL pools based on points were to qualify for the semi finals. Denmark were at 16, Bermuda at 14, Canada were at 12. The strongest team in the tournament was Sri lanka, which was on 10 points with one game in hand, with a sureshot victory against a weak Israel team remaining, who had lost to everyone. That victory would have meant that Srilanka and Denmark would both have finished with 14 and 16 points respectively. It would have set up a Sri lanka v Canada and a Denmark v Bermuda semi final.

But as it happenned, Sri lanka suddenly decided on political grounds that they dont want to play Israel. That gave Israel a walk over, and Sri lanka was left with 10 points. That changed everything. The semi final lineup became Denmark v Sri Lanka, and Bermuda v Canada. Canada beat Bermuda fairly comfortably with 4 wickets and 13 balls to spare. That qualified them into the world cup. Denmark on the other hand lost to Sri lanka by a huge margin, something that was expected anyway.

Sri lanka then managed to beat Canada in the final, leaving Denmark, a team that was unofficially the second best team in the tournament, to be knocked out despite losing in the tournament to only Sri lanka. A team weaker than Denmark, that had also lost to them in the group stages, managed to qualify in the world cup over them.

I think this depressed the Danes so much that they didnt even participate in the next edition of the ICC Trophy in 1982 (although, officially they were said to be broke!). How can you reach the semi finals of the ICC trophy and end up being broke so badly that you cant even particiapte in the next edition?

So theoratically, we could have seen Denmark play ODI cricket as early as 1979. That may have resulted in some boost to the game over there, but then again, it may not have. You never know, England may have thought at that time that Denmark, since it was an ODI level team, needs to get regular exposure to the county circuit.

That danish team btw, was not an expat based one.

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    July 27, 2006 at 6:39 am

    Yet here we are some 25 years later, and even though Denmark has a better chance of making it to a world cup, interest is on the wane. The amount of money and privileges on offer for the top six in the next ICC trophy should be more than enough to convince the DCB to really start working towards 2009.

  2. July 28, 2006 at 2:35 am

    Given the ethnic composition of their age level teams, it looks more and more like the DCB is just sitting, and not doing anything to bring more and more kids into the game. I am assuming the the DCB does not have to work at all to get the Pakistani origin kids ‘interested’ in the game of cricket. These kids probably just show up anyway. Its the other kids, the mainstream ones, that need an effort to attract. And since thats not happenning, we can all make our own conclusions.

    Still…. Denmark at least HAS mainstream kids playing the game, the best 11 in a particular age group may be of minority ethnicity but at least some mainstream kids also play the game. This is quite a different situation from UAE/USA or Canada, where rarely any mainstream kids play the game, even at the weakest level for any age group.

  3. Cuen Lucas
    July 28, 2006 at 5:03 am

    It would be sad if the DCB is just sitting by and allowing mainstream interest to slide, because the mainstream population has proven that it’s capable of
    producing talented players. The DCB has got to start working towards getting mainstream interest back up to make full use of the potential player pool available to them.

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