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Opinion: Increasing number of teams in U19 WC to 20

I have mentioned this before, but at that time I was suggesting a world league sort of format for qualification. However, I think that things dont need to be complicated that much. There are 4 qualifyinf tournaments by ICC for the U19 World Cup, one of every region except EAP/Africa that play a combined qualification. Slots were given as 2 each to Europe and EAP/Africa, 1 each to Asia and Americas. All that has to be done is to increase the slots by 1 each in each region, and the 20 number can be reached.

I think it is unfair that Nepal, which is like a test team’s colts team, ends up blocking Malaysia from qualifying for the world cup, and they have been doing so for 4 years now, and will most likely keep on doing in the future as well. Malaysia may be a fairly good team as well, who knows. The thing is that if the bar is set on Nepal’s U19 standard for World Cup qualification from Asia, it is a very high bar, and not fair on Asian U19 teams compared to their other regional counterparts…..

I think Ireland is like Nepal in Europe at the age level. They were quite amazing this year in winning all the U23, U19, U17, U15 and U13 tournaments, with only a couple of games lost in ALL the games they played. I think both Netherlands and Scotland should be able to make it to the U19 WC if the slot was increased by one.

From what I know, the Malaysian cricket authorities are already in the process of talking to the ICC in this regard. So I am hoping that something will come through. Of course, the ICC may just say that only 1 spot will be given to Europe, while the other one would now be available for Asia. But with 27 out of 98 members coming from Europe, ICC may not want to make that move.

Just increase the number of teams to 20. Its simpler….. and better too.

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  1. Ram
    August 3, 2006 at 1:01 pm

    After considering the regional qualification constraints, I think the following countries should form the top 10 at the U19 level…Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands, Scotland, Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, USA and Bermuda (or Canada?)…The good thing here is atleast 8 of the 10 teams are made of almost entirely indigenous players..

    On the downside, I see atleast one potential loser in Afghanistan because of the qualification system, which means only two of Nepal, Afghanistan and Malaysia can go through though ALL 3 of them may be in the top 10..Also, strange ICC policies like separate Bermuda/Cayman Is teams and player eligibility rules mean Argentina may miss out…Now, Argentina are definitely a lot weaker than the other teams but I think they would benefit much more from participation in such tournaments than the other American countries in contention..

    About the format, I think it can be pretty straight forward with 4 pools of 5 teams each so that the top 2 from each group proceed to the quarterfinals followed by semifinals and final, while the next two from each group make it to the plate quarterfinals followed by semis and final..The bottom team from each group can also play against each other in a round-robin format to decide the 4 bottom-placed positions in the tournament…Totally, we would have 60 games, which works out to 6 matches per team on average, which I think is a good number for an U19 tournament…Also, the total tournament can be finished in around 3 weeks assuming the hosting country has sufficient facilities to host atleast 4 matches a day..

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