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News: Ireland beat Denmark, Netherlands beat Italy…

I am not surprised at either result, but I am surprised at the pathetic manner in which the losing sides played.

First, Netherlands beat Italy…… expected…… by 140 runs…… not expected……

Netherlands made 317 runs, and Italy could muster only 177 in reply, out of which 51 were extras. Something for the Netherlands to think about, because even Italy gave only 18 extras. Secondly, Stelling…… what the hell….. 7-0-51-0…… I think his time has come, Netherlands should not take their policy of holding on to old horses all the time. 2 of them are enough in the team at the momment in Van Troost and Smits…… cant have a 3rd liability as well…… If the other pace bowlers are never going to be tried, then they will never improve………….

Italy….. Scuderi was not playing, but I thought they were a better team than this….. Highest score coming from Puccio, who, if I am not mistaken, is an Australian who is of Italian origin, pretty much like what John Davison is to Canada……. There is nothing to say about their performance, it was comprehensively pathetic…..

Ireland smashed Denmark by 99 runs….. firstly, Denmark’s bowling was quite sharp….. 10-0-36-2 for Thomas Hansen, and good efforts by both MJ Hansen and Z Shah as well. Plus they managed to bowl out Ireland, something that even England could not achieve 2 months back, in 45 overs for only 209…… good performance and they must have thought they were in with a chance at that point….

But they got dismissed for 110….. Carston Pederson made 65*, last man Kanaiya made 11, and none of the others could get past 6 runs. Thats absolutely crap. This was the full Danish team played, with only Borcherson getting injured so they played with 1 batsman less, but Borcherson is not their top player, so I dont know what he could have done anyway. The only person missing from this lineup was Kopperholdt, but he is a bowler, and Danish bowling was pretty good anyway….. I think they can also drop Baljit Singh for the next match now that Klokker is keeping wickets….. Rasmussen or Hamid Zaman may need to be tried out.

Denmark….. with all its limitations has at least one thing going for them….. their best players, or at least those considered to be so before this match, are all 23 years old or less…… this includes Klokker, Z Shah, M Pederson, Hamid Zaman, Yasir Iqbal and Malcolm Johan Hansen……..

Of course, they have to at least start putting a better on field performance than this…….

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    August 4, 2006 at 5:37 pm

    Good performance from the Dutch, Van Bunge really turned it on, and
    Ten Doeschate gave a great account of himself, and a decent knock from Kervezee too. I agree Nasir, some questions will be hanging over the head of Stelling, it looks likely that Schiferli’s return will be the be the end of him. Also on the bowling front, The Netherlands MUST do something about those extras, they got away with it today, but I doubt that Ireland or Scotland will be so forgiving.

    Italy got a glimpse of life after Scuderi, and looking at their opponents, this is going to be a tough tournament.

    Ireland did win today, their top-middle order (2-8) wasn’t all that convincing but their bowlers did a great job in demolishing the Danish line-up, so it still balanced out very well for them.

    Now the DCB might have some thinking to do, their junior teams have had a tough time, and now the senior side is also looking a bit wobbly, if this kind of performance continues to follow them throughout the tournament, they could find themselves fighting with Italy to avoid being relegated (If my understanding of the structure is correct) Danish cricket really needs to get itself going again, because things aren’t looking too rosy for them.

    And Scotland have had a nice advantage of seeing how all the opposition have fared and can gather a lot of info on what to do.

  2. August 4, 2006 at 8:51 pm

    There is no relegation this year from Euro championships……. there is only 1 promotion from Div 2 for the 2008 Div 1……. in 2008 they will have the last team relegated to Div 2……… So both Denmark and Italy are safe in Div 1 till 2008……. given how things are looking for both of them…… Geurnsey may give both of them a beating at that time…….

    Borren, Schiferli, Reekers, Ten Doeschate, Kashif…….. thats still a weak line up……. but one that Dutch can probably play with………

  3. Ram
    August 5, 2006 at 2:10 am

    Good news for Scotland in that Dougie Brown has been released for the two official ODIs against Ireland and Netherlands over the weekend…

  4. Bill Monkau
    August 8, 2006 at 7:18 am

    Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Bangladesh, you name them. I’m sorry, what a waste of resources!

    The only purpose of these matches is to serve as a breeding ground for umpires who hope to get a position of importance.

  5. Cuen Lucas
    August 8, 2006 at 10:51 am

    I disagree, cricket has to make a decision, will get become a global sport, or be left with the tag of “A game that could have become big, but didn’t”. With other summer sports gaining in popularity worldwide because of their aggressive expansion, cricket needs to either keep up or be left behind.

  6. nicholas P (italian cricketer)
    December 22, 2007 at 3:12 am

    I’m a keen Italian cricketer who is playing over in Australia right now and I don’t think all hope is lost yet for the Italian international side and Ithink that if we (italians) knuckle down for the next decade or so than we could have a chance of qualifying for the cricket world cup in 2023

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