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News: Zimbabwe win series against Bangladesh…

Win one match still to go……. Zimbabwe have already won the series, and for the first time in 2 years, they will be going into an ODI without any pressure……. I do expect Zim to win that one as well……..

I do find humour in this though…… Zim too bad for test standard, Bangladesh encouraging….. Zim beating Bangladesh…… the wheel is turning full circle once again…….

Bangladesh gave very good performances against Sri lanka, where they also won an ODI, and against Australia in 1 test and 1 ODI…… Hence, I would not jump to the conclusion that Bangladesh is going down…. I would say that Zimbabwe have improved quite rapidly…… no country is able to handle an exodus of 20 top players from the country, but Zimbabwe have shown that they have what it takes at least to be at number 9, and not go into obliviion…..

I will accept the fact that this was all unexpected……. I did think that Zim will be competitive, and may lose series 3-2……. but them winning it 3-1 with one match to go is a pleasant surprise…….

I would like to put something here that I found on Banglacricket Forums, before the start of the series…… I dont know what this guy is saying now, but it seems the reality check was painful…….

“Well Frankly speaking this is the first time that we are going to Zimbabwe being complete favorites. And almost certainly we will achieve our mission being the first Bangladeshi team to win a series abroad. But honestly speaking, do you think that this series win will make a difference to how the world will percieve Bangladesh Cricket? I surely dont think so. Even if we beat the Zimbabwe team convincingly 5 -0, i still don think that the cricket world would percieve us as a team that could have beaten the Zimbabwe team with players like Heath Streak, Stuart Carlisle, Grant Flower, Craig Wishart, Andy Blignaut, Raymond Price, Gary Brent, Sean Irvine, Travis Friend, Barney Rogers, Trevor Gripper, Richard Simms, Neil Ferreria, Charles Coventry, Gavin Ewing , Taibu.

On the positive note some of our players will improve their averages, our team record will also improve and our players will get some exposure after a long slumber. But is the excitement of beating a mediocre Zimbabwe team worth celebrating and are we trying to live in a fools paradise?”

Fools paradise indeed….

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    August 4, 2006 at 5:48 pm

    Well, if that sentiment is what the Bangladeshi team were carrying around with them, then it would be quite interesting to hear what was being said after the game.
    But Zimbabwe do appear to have the beginnings of a second lease of life, their players of beginning to gel as a side and morale has risen slightly, but it is vital the the authorities give the team the support it needs so this recent cycle does not have to repeat itself again.

  2. Ram
    August 5, 2006 at 6:35 pm

    Well…….Zimbabwe’s series win with such an inexperienced team will go down as the best news/result to have come out of their cricket in the last 5 years; the point to be mentioned here is these games were played in front of good crowds, many of whom would’ve turned cricket converts seeing the inspiring performances of their young national team..The question now is will the ZCU be able to stop the player exodus and give these players as much exposure as possible in the build-up to next year’s WC..

    Looking into the future, Zim have the Champions trophy qualifiers in India in October followed by the tour to Bangladesh in Nov for a 7-ODI series…I don’t know why the ICC has not given Zimbabwe more cricket especially considering that they want them back to Test cricket as soon as possible..Also, I wonder why Zim and Ban didn’t organize a three match series of 4-day games during this tour, more cricket would’ve meant greater revenue for ZCU..Howver, I think they’ll push for a couple of 4-day games between their national teams in the return tour in Nov, given that the BCB has already complained about the lack of Test matches for Ban over the next 12 months and also the ICC’s and ZCU’s decision to play Zim in FC games before making them return to Test cricket..

    About Ban, I think they still have the problem of adjusting to alien conditions, which makes their home series against Zim later in the year really interesting…If they don’t raise their game, I think Kenya will also prove to be tough opposition on home soil, given that Kenya has now thrashed Canada in an ODI..

  3. Ram
    December 10, 2006 at 6:30 pm

    It’s now December and Bangladesh have more than returned their share of complements by soundly “thrashing” Zimbabwe 5-0 in the recently concluded ODI series in Bangladesh…Catching the live action from the 2nd and 4th ODIs, it gave me an impression that Bangladesh badly wanted to demolish Zimbabwe in a desperate bid to assert their superiority over their African rivals in order to convince the top 8 that they should be playing more against them rather than Zim or the leading Associates…It must be said that Bangladesh DO have talent coming through from their age-group teams, especially in their batting dept…Nafees, Ashraful, Aftab are SOME players…But unfortunately, the relative lack of experience/talent from their seniors is hindering the progress of these young guns…

    About Zim, I’m convinced that they’ll NOT be ready for Test cricket for another 5 years, not because they will not gain experience till then but because they just don’t have the batting talent to survive for a day against one of the Test ‘A’ teams, leave alone against the senior teams…Some of their batsmen are clueless against Ban bowlers; can’t imagine their plight against the top 8 bowling attacks…However, I think their steady bowling backed up by excellent fielding can do a decent job against lesser batting sides like NZ, Eng, SA…For this reason, it would be a really good test for the top European Associates to play Zim, not just in the ODIs but also in the multi-day format and see how they perform…In fact, I think all of Sco, Ire and Neth have a superior batting lineup compared to Zim…Ire v Zim in next year’s WC should be a really interesting game..

    Another news filtering through is that the BCB has proposed a return ODI series in Zim in Feb next year to boost their team’s preparations for the showpiece event…They actually wanted to play one of the top 8 but it seems no one was “free” to accomodate Ban in their playing schedule…A couple of points here: First, Ind, WI and SL, citing lack of ODIs in the buildup to next year’s WC have decided that they’ll play each other, with the result that WI and SL will each be touring Ind for 4 ODIs in Jan-Feb next year…How long is it going to take for these two teams (assuming Ind are not interested in playing Ban as preparation for the WC) to hop over to Ban and play a 3-ODI series there?…I don’t think WI or SL would mind a few victories ahead of the WC given that both of them are now having a tough time in Pak and NZ respectively…Second, even if none of the top 8 are interested, I think the BCB would’ve been much wiser to host/tour a Test country and play their ‘A’/domestic teams as preparation for the WC; that would be a much better preparation than what the best of Zim has to offer…

  4. December 10, 2006 at 9:39 pm

    Zim is a funny team…… now they seem to have lost Sibanda as well………. Mupariwa, who was so good against Bangladesh in Zimbabwe, was not playing either due to injury…….. but in any case, I think teams have a tough time adjusting to subcontinent conditions.

    Zim will not be ready, becuase they are likely to lose more and more players in the next 12 months.

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