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Opinion: Momment of truth for Netherlands….

Netherlands games against Scotland and Ireland in the next few days are extremely important. It would create a case for Netherlands to ask for inclusion into the English county circuit if they beat both Scotland and Ireland, or even if they beat one of them. Inclusion into the English county cricuit is imperative for the improment of the game in the neighbouring associates of England. They get exposed to a much higher standard of play when they are in the C&G Trophy, and the skill development is pretty good, much better than what they could achieve on their own. Plus its not a couple of games, it 9 games, all on weekends, sometimes against counties boasting top Test stars.

The other momment of truth is for Greece in the Euro 2nd Div championships. They need to win that if they want to take the game further in that country. Greece has always featured a completely mainstream team, not even a single minority player or expat, except for this time, when I did see 3 expat/minority players in their team. I guess they are saying to themselves, that if every other team in the tournament is COMPLETELY expat based, why not them. Norway is the front runner to win this tournament, and they have ALL expats in their team… unfortunately, so do Germany, and France. I would rather have Guernsey, Jersey or Gibraltar win than the expat countries. Keeping the fingers crossed for Greece, though their performance was not that great against Germany to warrant that they will be able to win this tournament outright.

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    August 4, 2006 at 5:41 pm

    If the Netherlands can put themselves back in the county scene then it’ll do them a lot of good especially with the World Cup getting ever nearer, and of course more games can always equal more exposure so there’s a lot to play for.

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