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News: Ireland beat Scotland

Yet another surprise…. Ireland look like they want to complete a clean sweep of European tournaments…. They beat Scotland by 85 runs, and Scotland had Dougie Brown, hence only Gavin Hamilton was missing…..

For Ireland, Morgan, and Neil O Brien, two players who were not available for them in the C&G Trophy, were the main scorers, with Morgan getting the unwanted record of being dimissed on 99 in an ODI…….. David Langford Smith took 3 wickets, which essentially broke the back of the Scottish response….

It is in Div 2 that stranger things have happenned…. Greece beat Gibraltar by 146 runs, which is very surprising because I though Gibraltar was a better team than this…. France beat Jersey…… but the biggest surprise was that Germany beat Geurnsey, a team that was supposed to be one of the favorites of this tournament  ………….At the momment, Greece and Norway are topping the table, and it looks like the Greece v Guernsey match is going to be the key one to decide who will be in the semi final. Norway on the other hand are going on their merry way with maximum points. It is a totally expat based team, something like the US. Greece getting through would be good for European Cricket………

For a bit of perspective, one should remember that Guernsey lost to Bermuda in 2 very close games, one that they were about to win, about 2 months back.

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  1. Ram
    August 5, 2006 at 6:59 pm

    What is surprising here more than the result is the manner in which it was achieved..Infact, one could say that Pakistan had a tougher time disposing off Scotland a month back compared to the ease with which Ireland have thrashed them..It would be a surprise if Ireland don’t go on to defeat the Dutch and make a clean sweep of the European tournaments..

    With this win, I think Ireland may be on par with Bangladesh in ODIs, if not superior considering that Scotland defeated Ban last year while Ireland even defeated WI a couple of years back..The best way to judge Ireland would’ve been to ask them to tour Ban for a 5-ODI series NOW because these Associates have a real problem adjusting to alien conditions..

    This result, along with Zim’s series win, means that there are atleast 5 teams outside of the top 8 that can defeat each other in an ODI series…Also, considering that one of them, namely Ban in recent times have managed to be competitive in Test cricket means that these 5 teams are good enough to take on each other as well as the Test A teams in multi-day games, which is what they must be trying to play in order to get closer to Test status..

  2. August 6, 2006 at 12:34 am

    Morgan and Neil O Brian did not play against England either……

    Now the question that comes to my mind is, wouldnt Ireland have been as good as the England team TODAY, if they had all of Morgan, Joyce and Neil O Brian available? I think they wouldnt have been very far off……. and what is Ed Joyce achieving anyway? With both Alister Cook and Ian Bell going great stuff for England, looks like Ed Joyce has gone the Gavin Hamilton way…….

    Ram….. I still back Netherlands to be able to defaeat Ireland ……

  3. Ram
    August 6, 2006 at 1:22 am


    I think Netherlands, despite having a strong batting lineup, have a problem with their lack of quality bowling options…Coming to this match, it was disappointing to see that not many turned up despite this being an official ODI…something for the European Associate boards to look at..

    The Div 2 tounament has seen the most promising team, namely Greece march ahead with strong performances against Germany (who defeated Guernsey) and Gibralter, which means they start their final match against Guernsey as unexpected favorites..Indulging in some speculation, I can’t see Guernsey thrashing Greece…Now, Guernsey is a team that’s recently lost 2 close games to Bermuda, which means Bermuda may not be much better off than Greece, which begs the question of how good Greece are relative to Bermuda and Canada (who lost to Bermuda)…Now let me throw in the fact that Bermuda and Canada are among the top 16 in the ICC rankings while Greece aren’t even in the top 30 to showcase how inaccurate and pointless these rankings are..

  4. August 6, 2006 at 1:27 am


    Regarding Greece…… I think we will have to wait for two things……. first to see if they actually win this tournament, because they may end up losing to both Geurnsey and Norway…….. secondly, what is the difference between the winner of Div 2 and Italy, which is probably going to be the worst from Div 1.

    Greece never even organizes friendly matches etc……. Denmark and even Guernsey does that a lot…….. so how good or bad Greece is, is going to remain a mystery for another 2 years…… or 2 days…..

    But the century and 95 was scored by the Greek players, not by the expat players…….

  5. Ram
    August 6, 2006 at 1:12 pm


    I’m surprised to know that Greece don’t even organize friendly matches when countries like Denmark or even Guernsey can…why is it so considering that they’ve a turf wicket in Corfu and people more than willing to come and follow their team?

    Now…Greece have THRASHED Guernsey by 9 wickets..they couldn’t have made a stronger case of their cricketing potential..Also, Norway have lost to Israel implying that Greece has been the best team on show in this tournament till now though whether they can go on and win is a question given that we’re now entering the knockout stage which means one odd match here or there can skew reality..I don’t think we would be jumping the gun here if we state that countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Denmark, Greece, UAE, Namibia are better or on par with Bermuda/Canada, with some possibly on par with Kenya..I think the ECC has goofed up in not allowing the Div 2 winners play off against Italy for the WCL Div III tournament European spot…

    What do these performances by Greece and other countries convey?….Of the 4 regions, America is the weakest in terms of cricketing standards (excluding the EAP region which has taken to cricket very recently and doesn’t have many significant countries apart from a few islands) which is why two teams from that region are in the WC thanks to the regional qualification system while the above mentioned countries hardly get any decent cricket..All the more reason for the ICC to bring in some credibility into their ranking system as soon as they can…And, credibility comes about not by organizing fixtures the way they’ve done for the top 6 till WC but by ensuring that equally competitve teams get to play each other as much as they can…this will also generate some rivalry between the nations..

  6. August 6, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    Didnt Norway lose to Jersey? I thought Israel beat France……

    Regarding Greece…… well…… Corfu is the poorest region in Greece….. organizing international cricket tours for the team, or hosting other teams is perhaps not something they can do……….. ECC needs to help them out here…….. I think if Greece wins this tournament, ECC will give them some money which will help……

    But Greece still has to beat Jersey, and still has to beat Norway, a team that that beat Greece last year when they qualified for the Euro Div II….. until that happens, Ram, I think it is premature to put them in the same category as Afghanistan, UAE, Namibia, Nepal and Denmark…..

  7. Ram
    August 6, 2006 at 2:11 pm

    yes…Norway indeed lost to Jersey, not Israel..

    Nasir..why do you consider Greece to be premature?…that’s because of their lack of experience…why do they lack experience?….because they dont get the same treatment as Bermuda/Canada even though theoretically there may not be much between them..It’s not Greece’s (or Italy’s or Denmark’s) fault that they are in a stronger zone and hence would’ve a much tougher time in the path to WC qualification as against their American counterparts..I think it’s as much a part of the ICC to fast-track 3rd tier countries into the 2nd tier as it is to fast-track 2nd tier nations into competitve ODI teams because a stronger and healthier 2nd tier would automatically mean a quicker transition to ODI status..

  8. August 6, 2006 at 2:35 pm

    I am not considering Greece anything….. i am only saying that the THOUGHT of considering them at par with Bermuda/Canada, or even Denamrk, Italy, Namibia, Uganda etc IS immature, because we havent seen Greece in the Euro Div I (actually they havent even won Div II yet), and we havent seen Greece play any friendly matches with anyone, so I dont see how we can make any opinion about them at the momment…..

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