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News: Scotland beat Netherlands on 2nd last ball….

But it was a 20/20 match, so I would not read too much into it….I think the game was inconclusive, although, it asks the questions about what is happenning…… Scotland beat 3 counties in C&G Trophy, Ireland only 1. Ireland have now beaten Scotland, and Scotland and Netherlands seem to be at par with each other…………

In the other game in Div I, Denmark beat Italy with Klokker failing once again……. Though, I would have to say that Italy did not look that far behind Denmark, and it was not a total outplay like one would have expected…… time to see what the difference is between the top team from Div II and the last team from Div I….. hopefully ECC can find out the answer to that question fairly soon through some tournament and we dont have to wait till 2008 Euro Div I….

Bigger surprises have come in the 2nd Division….. Greece has thrashed Guernsey by 9 wickets, which once again puts Bermuda’s standards under scrutiny………… what I really liked about Greece was that the wickets were taken by Goustis, Tousis and Kontarinis…… while the runs were made by Koutsofis and Maraziotis…. all mainstream Greek players……in fact today they even dropped one of their expat players to make their team stronger…… you dont see that happenning too much in European associates…..

Jersey beat Norway, the favorites…… and this makes me think that Greece may have a tougher semi final than the final…… Israel beat France…… and Gibraltar bounced back to beat Germany….. so all 4 games ended up being upsets…… I dont remember the last time I saw a tournament with so many upsets in the first 3-4 days…..

  1. August 7, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Interestingly…. I have learnt today that this was indeed an ODI, despite the game going down to a 20 overs a side encounter……

    So whats the difference between a 20 over ODI and a 20 over twenty20 match? Is it the free hit etc?

  2. Ram
    August 7, 2006 at 1:52 pm

    Yes…and also not sure about the existence of powerplays in Twenty20..Actually, a minimum of 25 overs per innings were needed to consitute an ODI but with the introduction of Twenty20, the ICC has reduced that to 20..

  3. August 7, 2006 at 2:43 pm

    Shouldnt it have been a minimum of 21 overs to constitute an ODI? Now you can have 20 over ODI and 20 over 2020 matches …….

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