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Opinion: Kenya not looking too bad….

My ideal Kenya team at the momment would be the following:

Otieno, Kamande, Tony Suji, Tikolo, Modi, Mishra, Collins Obuya, Odoyo, Ngoche ,Ongondo, Hiren Variya

Tony Suji is included for the lack of anyone else. If Ravindu Shah was fit, I would open with him, and drop Kamande down to the number 3 slot. That would be a fair Kenya team, one that would realistically think about upsetting either England or New Zealand in their world cup encounter. With this team, the bowling options would be Tikolo, Variya, Ongondo, Ngoche and Odoyo….. with Obuya and Kamande doing a bit if the sixth bowler was needed…..

If Ravindu does not get fit, Maurice Ouma should also be tried. I looked at him briefly in the 2004 Champions trophy and he looked good with scores of 49 v India and 23 v Pakistan. Brijal Patel, who I once saw play Shane Warne better than most Pakistan players, is perhaps over the hedge now, and is unable to get into the groove of his former self…… But it looks like 1 batsman is severly needed by Kenya to remove the chinks in the armour…..

In the bowling department, there is no one else at the momment who is useful… Martin Suji, if he were to become fit again can be used…. but Luseno was not what the hype about him was…..

Mishra, Ngoche and Variya have all come in the limelight in the last year or so…… that is why Kenya may still be ok…… 3 players breaking into the national team is a good rate…….. though, these players are yet to prove themselves world class against Test opposition, I think they will be a handful against Bangaldesh in the upcoming series…… Tikolo is still the key, and I feel that Kenya will be in with a chance as long as he is in the team, even if there is nothing coming up from the U19s

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  1. August 10, 2006 at 6:31 pm

    $#@%^^@@#!^*!@ to Suji at 3. This has been tried, tried again, tried even more, and he is only really there because of that century he scored way back last year in the I.C.
    There was a place for him lower down the order before Ongondo and Odhiambo came good, but both are IMO now much better suited as bowlers who can get a few runs late in the innings.

    Kamande would be better at 3 – I’m really not convinved he has what it takes to open, but may be worth a shot due to the lack of anyone else. if he opens, maybe Malhar Patel or Ashish Karia (have both done well in Nbi over the last 2 weeks) could come in at 5 or 6.

    Ravindu won’t be fit I’m yold for this series. Maybe against Bermuda later inthe year…
    Ouma had no answer to Bangladesh last series, and I think is not ready to face them again. Muange is I feel underdone for International cricket, but probably deserves a chance – everyone else has had one.
    There are a couple fo possibilities from the NPCA league, but I doubt they will be drafted in this late.

  2. August 10, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    Either Suji is a 1 down batsman……. or he is a specialist tail ender 🙂

    Ouma was good actually……. he should be given a chance to get past his previous perforamnce….

  3. August 11, 2006 at 11:16 am

    Well….. they have recalled Ouma…… I think this is good move……. They will probably open with Otieno and Ouma with Kamande coming at 1 down, and Tikolo at 2 down……. I feel this is the best that Kenya can do at the momment in the absence of Ravindu Shah……. and in any case, one should not just keep hoping that Shah will be coming back, he may get fit and find out that he has totally lost the nick……

    To Nick Deverell’s delight, it looks like Tony Suji will not be in the team, and definitely not at 1 down…….. 🙂

    I feel the Kenyan team is not that bad, and will give Bangladesh a tough run, and may pull off a vicotry….. maybe even the series if Tikolo fires in both games…….. They have a pretty decent pace attack, and good spin options, and looks like their batting is also coming good now that Tony Suji is not there any more :):)

    Final team now is:

    Kennedy Otieno
    Maurice Ouma
    Jimmy Kamande
    Steve Tikolo
    Hitesh Modi
    Tanmay Mishra
    Collins Obuya
    Thomas Odoyo
    Peter Ongondo
    Neremiah Ngoche
    Hiren Variya

  4. August 11, 2006 at 7:04 pm

    I have to say I am happy with the team selected. I agree Ouma is better than he has shown this year – I just hope his confidence has recovered. He has done ok domestically, so fingers crossed.
    Ravindu seems in good touch domestically, but even if he returns, it will only be for a couple of years at most. We still need to look to Muange, Ouma, Obanda or someone else to come through and make the opener’s position theirs.
    I’d also like to see Mishra, Obuya and modi come in after Tikolo in that order. If we had Mishra and Tikolo both at the crease and firing, we could do very well. Modi I feel is better suited to anchoring the tail while Ongondo etc have a swing.
    Anyway – game ON!

  5. August 11, 2006 at 8:56 pm

    well…. best of luck to you…… i will try to follow the match and keep my fingers crossed for Ouma…….:)

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