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News: Scotland to announce WC bound squad this month…

Jonathan Coates has written in article in the Scotsman today identifying the 15 players he thinks will make the Scotland squad for the world cup, while also identifying the 7 he thinks will be the reserves. The 7 reserves, I think, that he is mentioning are only for the time being, until Scotland finalize their squad around 15th February…….  he had the following list: 

Possible squad: Craig Wright (c), John Blain, Dougie Brown, Gavin Hamilton, Paul Hoffmann, Dougie Lockhart, Ross Lyons, Gregor Maiden, Neil MacRae, Neil McCallum, Dewald Nel, Navdeep Poonia, Colin Smith, Ryan Watson, Fraser Watts.

Reserves: Kyle Coetzer, Ian Stanger, Omer Hussain, Majid Haq, Gordon Goudie, Simon Smith, Asim Butt.

I dont agree with some of his selections…… Neil McRae made runs against Italy…… that should by no means be taken into account for the world cup…. Ian Stanger has been out of form, but he has demonstrated that he is a capable batsmen against counties and also against some international teams…… Kyle Coetzer has been a County regular, and there was talk once of England plucking him out …… he has been injured this season for the Saltires and hasnt had much of a bat, but I think both of them, Coetzer first and Stanger second, would be better than McRae…… I also feel that Gordon Goudie is better than Dewald Nel…….. but in WI, Scotland need to go into the games with perhaps a 3 pace attack with 2 spinners…… not a 4 pace attack……… but the Scotland team overall is fairly strong….. and it is quite good that the ICC has basically set up the itenerary for the associates in the 2 months leading up to the World Cup, because the players can take 1 leave from work at a strech…….

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  1. August 13, 2006 at 7:54 am

    Kyle Coetzer is class. I remember bowling to him when he was ten and I was fourteen. I couldn’t for the life of me get him out, or beat his bat. His country experience sets him out from most of the Scotland squad. He’s exposed to a higher quailty of cricket every day. He should definitely be going to the West Indies.

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