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Opinion: Incorrect Analysis…..

I thought before the start of the series that Kenya may be competitive with Bangladesh, and that Kenya may actually have an outside chance of pulling off an upset in the WC as well…….

I was wrong….. as the recent games against Bangladesh have shown….

First things first….. I unfortunately watched the Kenya v Bangladesh ODI…. had to bear the torture that was Jimmy Kamande….. I think if you give my 11 month old son a bat, he is probably going to perform like Kamande, becuase the only reason Kamande stuck around for 42 balls was because the Bangladeshi bowlers could not hit the stumps……. I have never really seen a batsman play 2 different shots on the same ball, but Kamande showed me something new yesterday, and managed NOT to connect with either stroke……

Kenya….. Ouma is fine, but Kamande needs to go……. find someone better…… this guy couldnt see the ball even after being on the wicket for an hour…… that means that either he is in the wrong league, or that he is blind…… since the latter is most probably not the case, please send him back to his league….. perhaps the Nairobi kindergarton tennis ball cricket league……..

Tikolo is still very very good……. his score in the match speaks for itself……. played a silly shot to get out, but was going great guns…… Kenya is sticking to being a one trick pony …… but Tikolo is good enough that he can make the match single handedly…… unfortunately not in the 2nd ODI……

Perhaps, Kenya need to send Mishra up at number 3……. thats where he played for Kenya A, and thats where he played in the U19 tournament as well……… since anything is better than Kamande, Mishra should be tried over there, because Kenya find themselves at 80/5 in every game, irrespective of opposition…..

Now….. back to what is happenning in the lower tiers of cricket…….

I think what has happenned is that somehow, due to some strange reason, Zimbabwe have improved dramatically in the last 4-5 months…… their 2-2 series against Kenya should be thrown out of the window now……. Bangladesh HAVE improved too, and their performances against Australia and Sri Lanka this year are testament to that…….. Zimbabwe somehow have just become better than Bangladesh in the shortest possible time…… Kenya are at the same level…… whcih is why their performance against Bangladesh is the same right now as it was in March…….

Now, Canada is weaker than Kenya…… Netherlands is stronger than Kenya……. Ireland is at the momment stronger than Scotland (wait till intercontinental game for final verdict), and Scotland is marginally stronger than Netherlands…… Bermuda so far as been stronger than Canada, but we will reach the final verdict after their intercontinental cup match…… at the momment , the rankings look like the following:


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  1. August 13, 2006 at 11:09 am

    I think for Zimbabwe…… it was not an issue of the team improving in talent …… it is not possible to improve in talent in 3-4 months so drastically……. the main thing that happenned was that when the Zimbabweans played Kenya in March, they werent sure about where they stood in world cricket…… and had the added criticism from every circle that their team of schoolboys was even below associate level……. yet, when they drew with Kenya, they probably took some heart out of that…… at least they werent worse than Kenya…… when they played WI afterwards and were competitive in a couple of ODIs, they took something from there…… but the real mental breakthrough came when they thrashed Canada and Bermuda, hence proving to themselves that they were way better than the associates….. and then the fightback and final win against Bangladesh A by their A team, which was totally unexpected……. all this made them mentally believe that they can win the games against Bangladesh……. so the self belief is the basic thing that has imrpoved drastically in the last 3-4 months……. playing ability cannot improve so much in so little time in ALL players….

  2. Ram
    August 13, 2006 at 11:29 pm


    1. While it is true that Zimbabwe can take out Bangladesh in an ODI series, we must remember that Bangladesh HAVE results on their side over the last 2 years or so implying that unless Zimbabwe achieve what Bangladesh have managed, it would be unfair to put Bangladesh below Zimbabwe…I still think Bangladesh are a better side than the 2-3 scoreline suggests…I think we might’ve had a different result had it been a 7-ODI series..

    2. About Kenya’s competitiveness against Bangladesh, I think you made this post 24-hours too early šŸ™‚ Kenya should’ve squared the series with a win in the 2nd ODI but Bangladesh’s experience prevailed in the end…

    3. About Canada/Bermuda being weaker than Kenya, I would’ve agreed to it till about 2 weeks back but considering that Canada defeated Kenya in the 4-day game, I still have my reservations there..maybe Kenya are a better ODI team but they aren’t any better in the longer version, which is supposed to give a better indication of the cricketing standards..

    4. Good that you didn’t give any rankings to these teams given that they may not be the top 8…Teams like Afghanistan, UAE, Namibia and Nepal may just be on par with Canada/Bermuda/Kenya, if not better..I tend to think that Afghanistan v Kenya may be a very good matchup..

  3. August 13, 2006 at 11:54 pm

    Well….. we do know a few things so far regarding the other teams…… UAE is better than Namibia, and Nambia is way weaker than Ireland and Scotland……… Namibia is probably stronger than Bermuda, and UAE is stronger than Bermuda……. Nepal is weaker than Namibia…….

    so the rankings below these, actually, would look like this at the momment…..


    (if Canada is better than Bermuda, it goes to the top of this list, otherwise, fit Canada right below Bermuda. The point is that these teams also needed a few matches with each other for us to figure out what is happenning, but I am afraid that is unlikely to happen)

  4. dr gul khan
    August 14, 2006 at 7:38 am

    I think the world league structure put up by the icc is the best way to go…… now one can determine the real ranking…we just have to wait now for the matches to be played….on longer term better ans consistant teams will make their way up……the system might seem to look unfair towards teams like afghanistan but one has to patient..if they are good enough they will make it eventually!…
    I know cricktlovers of very much exited at afghan prospect….lets hope the win acc trophy….they have started well in the first match….they will have to face other public favourite nepal in the semi probably.

  5. Bruce Gaskell
    August 14, 2006 at 11:34 am

    I agree that bangladesh are probably slightly better than Zimbabwe despite their recent defeat. I wouldn’t bet on Zim beating Bang in Bangladesh.

    I think what recent results have shown us is that there is still a very noticeable, though not huge gap, between Bang, Zim and the rest. Although Kenya drew the last series with Zimbabwe, I think this was a low point for Zim, and Kenya have hardly dominated other associates since.

    Below these two I really don’t think it is fair to give rankings at the moment, they dont play often enough. For example we shouldn’t hold it against Nepal that they couldnt win a rain effected match away to Namibia.

    A mini tournament I would love to see at the moment would be Scotland, Ireland, Nepal, Afghanistan, Kenya and the Netherlands. (with all respect to the North American teams i don’t rate them) That could tell us a thing or two. Maybe at the next world cup qualifier we will see something like this.

  6. August 14, 2006 at 5:23 pm

    definitely too early a comment about Kenya in the second ODI. Had not a couple of decisions gone the wrong way, or Kenya gone in with a different player to Kamande, things could have ended very differently. As it is we lost, but not by much and Tikolo played no part really in the match. Lets see what happens today.

    I agree with moving Mishra up – have been advocating it all year, but no joy. A better choice than Kamande would be someone like Ashish Karia to come in as a bowling all-rounder at 7 or 8.

    Also, I think it is too early to try and rank the Associates against each other effectively. Come January when they play the round robin, we will really see who the best teams are.

  7. August 14, 2006 at 6:42 pm

    Well…… I could not understand why they dropped Variya for Ababu either….. but Ababu did ok I guess…… I have seen Ababu in 1999, and he was the slowest medium pacer I ever saw…… I just couldnt understand why everyone was not smacking him out of the ground on every delivery…. perhaps he has improved…..

    Kamande needs to be dropped for another batsman….. and Nick….. under the current circumstances even Tony Suji at number 1 looks like a good option….. :)….. look what Kamande is forcing us to do !! I feel that in every game, Mishra comes in to bat in a crisis……. at 1 down he will be better suited…….

    One comment I would like to make is that Collin Obuya is also quite pathetic as a batsman…… very very good hitter…… played very clean shots, and when he hits them, they stay hit……. but I feel he is very very limited in his batting abilities, and trying to run to the middle of the pitch to make every delivery a full toss is something that may work against Canada, or even bangladesh, but is not going to work against the big boys…… however, in the absence of any better option, Obuya is it……..

  8. August 16, 2006 at 2:03 pm

    Canada beating Bermuda has brought a little bit of sense to my rankings. They are now, in my opinion, the following:

    Bangladesh [marginal from Zim]
    Netherlands [marginal from Sco]
    Canada [marginal from Ken]
    Nepal [not sure comparing Ber]

  9. Ram
    August 16, 2006 at 3:03 pm


    Zimbabwe above Bangladesh?…I don’t think one series is good enough to say Zim are better than Bangladesh considering what Bangladesh have achieved in the last year or so…I still believe the European Associates may be able to defeat Zim more easily than Ban though we may never get to know the reality…Netherlands seem to be slightly below Sco and Ire because of their relatively poor bowling..

    I do think Afghanistan maybe somewhere on that list given that they recently defeated county second XIs, something both Denmark and Bermuda couldn’t…At the same time, Nepal who had the better of their ACC Fast track tie against UAE last year, may not be so bad…Of course, am just speculating in the absence of relevant fixtures but hope atleast the ACC trophy can give a better idea of how good Afghanistan/Nepal are relative to UAE and Oman…

  10. August 16, 2006 at 3:11 pm

    regarding Zim and Ban….. i said ‘marginally’….. that means there isnt much of a difference……. but when you look at the talent, I think Zim has more talented players, and they are mentally strong as well……. going forward, I think Zim will be better than Ban, but right now the ‘home’ side will probably win a 5 match ODI series between them by a 3-2 margin…..

    Afghanistan and Nepal SHOULD be better than Oman…… but as you said, we will have to wait and see…….. Afghanistan did not beat the same county second XIs that Denmark and Bermuda lost to, though, I have a feeling that Nepal and Afghanistan may actually be able to beat Bermuda……..

    Regarding Scotland and Ireland….. I will probably update the list after their intercontinental cup game…… though one has to take into account that with Morgan, Rankin and Neil O Brien, Ireland is significantly weaker….

  11. Angar
    August 27, 2006 at 10:05 pm

    with respect,
    Dear nasir according to ur sayings all illogical i can say that u don’t know cricket at all for :
    Afghanistan beat Nepal,Thailand, and Qatar and that is not in ur ranking and seeing to players and matches and ur saying so all u said is a myth just for getting some one up and brinking reallty down by any purpose u do for the lates asian games it’s shown.
    first see then suggest then write but don’t bring reallty down.
    hope so

  12. August 27, 2006 at 11:50 pm

    Angar…… first off all, I am not sitting here running a ranking program for the 97 members of the ICC……. I am only ranking the top few that can be ranked…… Afghanistan proved to be better than Nepal….. thats it….. it did not prove itself to be better than anyone else on my list……….

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