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News: ACC Trophy 2006 Day 1 Round Up

Someone has to explain to me, what good comes out of wasting a day, and a match, by getting UAE to play Brunei? ACC’s silly insistence that they cannot have a league system because players cant take time off from work is quite pointless when you look at what high standard games the players end up getting when they actually do come to play.

I will not go into the farce that was UAE v Brunei match……

Nepal beat Kuwait comfortably, as did Afghanistan against Qatar…… both Kuwait and Qatar were the 4th and 5th teams in the last WCQS Div III, so Afghanistan has done well…….. This was the most critical match for the Afghans in the pool, as they are now most probably going to top the group with Qatar coming in second…… this means they have almost certainly avoided UAE in the quarters…….

Oman beat Maldives quite easily….. Maldives is probably much weaker than Nepal and Afghanistan, not so because of lack of TV access to cricket, nor playing numbers, but perhaps because of not having a large enough pool of players……… Oman is a WCQS Div II team, so it wasnt weak, but Maldives needs to stop getting beaten by expat teams in order to prove something in the Asian region……

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  1. Ram
    August 14, 2006 at 11:52 am

    Good start by the two most promising teams, namely Afghanistan and Nepal…They now seem to be on course for a semifinal clash?

    About the ‘league’ system, do you mean the European/American system of having multi-divisions in each region with promotion/relegation so that similar ranked teams get to play each other in a league format?…If yes, I too agree and can’t understand how the ACC believes the players can’t take time off work…I’m sure the 17 (or 18) teams can be split into 3 divisions with the teams in each division taking on each other in a league format with promotion/relegation for 1 team..In fact, such a tournament can be completed in a duration similar to that for the current format..

    Btw, here’s the list of teams with predominantly indigenous players: Afghanistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Maldives, Bhutan and Myanmar…Is there any other team I’ve missed out?

  2. August 14, 2006 at 1:49 pm

    UAE has 4-5 born and bred players, of south asian origin, but not expats….. thailand, i think have 3-4 players who are thais……… they have come through from their junior development systems…… Rego can probably confirm that………

    Iran, from what I saw last time, had a totally indegenous team, I havent had the time to check their squad this time around……..

  3. Nishadh Rego
    August 17, 2006 at 6:28 am

    Iran are always completely indigneous..its their national sporting policy..which i feel is a great move….I’m going to say this. once more in detail…The current pool of 20 players in the Thai national side has about 6 or 7 pure thai player..a further 3 or 4 citizens…and the rest are deemed nationals..however most youngster from the development program in bkk.(There’s a provinces development program, an indigenous bkk program, and an expat bkk development program). In the U-19 pool of 18 players, everyone is from the development program and there about 5 or 6 thais in the starting 11. The U-17s, U-15s, and U-13s are predominantly thai…This years U-15 team had 11 thais and 5 expats.

  4. taj malik alam
    August 23, 2006 at 1:43 am

    afghanistan will play the semi Final against Hong Kong yesterday we beat Malaysia in the qurter as you taliking about afghanistan .
    afghanistan is just like pakistan team they can beat evry body in the world becouse we have Fastest bowler and good spin atak left arm and off break legbreak lukely our betsmen are very good bowlers as will so our bating line is up to the number 10 our styel of play is agresive so if once we clike we can built a big total for the aposit teams if colepes we can bring our total to the fight able total and cricket is chance game so lets see how we play against Hong kong tomarow as this will our a great chance for the international cricket if we win tomarow match if we win we will surprise every body in asia cup where we will pace test playing nationas so wait for tomarow
    kind regrds for all who is intrested in cricket spicaily in afghan cricket as i am with team for 5 yhears as a coach most of the plyers are with me when they particpated in 2003 U_17 asia cup held in india
    best wishes
    Taj Malik alam Kuala lumpor Malysia

  5. Vaughan McClear
    August 24, 2006 at 9:35 pm

    Nishad, how are you these days mate? Enjoying the university lifestye?

    I would like to back up what Nishad is saying about Thailand. It has been a slow process over the years getting ethnic Thais into the game and Thailand is showing progress in this matter.
    A question here is how do you distinguish between these words. Ethnic, idigneous, national, citenzen etc etc. Could be a touchy subject at times. Some players around the traps of the ACC have been born in their countries of representation though they have lets say, South Asian parents or even grandparents but these players still hold a passport of the country they represent. To me, these players are nationals / citizens / ethnics of that country.
    We may say that we want to see ethnic Thais / Saudis / Bhutanis playing though how does one derive what an ethnic Aussie, Englishman, Kiwis is these days??
    Anyway, just a subject that is going to be with us for years and it is good to see that countries try to get ethnics playing this game though I hope it never distracts us from our main goal and that is to teach this great game to all who want to learn it.

    Cricket’s the Winner
    Vaughan McClear
    (Cricket Association of Thailand)

  6. August 24, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Born and Bred players would be pretty good too……. its the expats that are a problem……. they paint a false picture of the standard of the game in the country and end up getting the limelight, and some funding to boot…… I have discussed this in detail elsewhere on the blog……

    To me the rating of the type of players would be the following (from Worst to Best):

    Imports (Canada)
    Recent Expats (e.g. Most of Gulf Countries)
    Returning Immigrants (e.g. Croatia, Afghanistan)
    Born and Bred (aka minorities e.g. UAE and even Malaysia to some extent)
    Mainstream (aka. ethnic)

    I guess all of them can be citizens…… but it is about representation of the cricket in the country……..

  7. Vaughan McClear
    August 25, 2006 at 7:20 pm

    That is a good point and I like your placing of Canada……just bringing in players from outside just for tournaments and possibly these players have never played any local cricket in that country.
    At least have a team of residents that can call that country they represent their home!

    Nasir, I just read that you are from San Jose. Do you play in the Northern California League? I used to play for Davis back in 1996-99. A good team though not the best. A mix of whoever could be found!

    Back to the subject, it is hoped that Thailand will have more “ethnics” in the national teams in years to come. A concern I see now and it just hit us was the young guys getting to university age and then going overseas to study….just hope they come back home after studies….Nishad, who you playing for in Aussie?

  8. rego
    August 26, 2006 at 2:17 am

    hey Vaughan..nice to see u writing too..I’m actually in canbera (not the best place for cricket)..but the grade cricket is still good..probably a little less depth than in sydney. I’m playing for the ANU(Australian National Uni.)..they are playing in the canberra grad. comp here.and have good facilities.turf.etc..I actually had my first training session today..next week practicing with the 1s n 2s..they were impressed with the left arm spin..so hopefully that wrks out..Congrats on the performance in KL..a very much improved performance..esp. against qatar. Whats happening back in bkk w/ the cricket scene? any new teams? new tournaments? new endeavours?.

    It basically comes down to following the ICC eligibility rules..so long as ICC is allowing teams to field all expats..you will have teams like Kuwait and Qatar putting up a good show..Its also a question of defining an expat. You have those who come to wrk in the country for 5 years..play a couple of tournaments..get their team to the top..and then leave..bringing the team’s quality back down again..probably happened with Oman this time. On the other hand, you have people who have lived 10+ years in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia etc., and are not citizens or nationals because the specific country is very strict on granting the like. This probably happens to some extent in the Gulf as well.

  9. August 26, 2006 at 2:54 am

    On the other hand, you have people who have lived 10+ years in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia etc., and are not citizens or nationals because the specific country is very strict on granting the like. This probably happens to some extent in the Gulf as well.

    ummm…. rego….. the UAE and Kuwait etc are more strict than anyone else on this issue, sometimes bordering on the unfair…….. for example, a South Asian born in UAE is NOT a UAE national……… he is not given automatic citizenship……. 4-5 of the UAE players in the current UAE team were born in UAE, bred and lived there for nearly 25+ years, but still dont have citizenship……… I am not sure about what Malaysia and Thailand laws are like, but they cant be stricter than the Gulf Countries…..

    Vaughn….. I dont play cricket in the Northern California league…… I have been to some games to watch them some years back……. basically, with a family and all, and all the household chores every weekend, there is no time to play cricket on on full day on Sat……. secondly, I busted my knee in 1992 playing soccer in school…… have recovered since, but I dont have the same physical fitness, nor the same desire to get into competitive sport again which may cause a recorrence of the injury……

  10. Vaughan McClear
    August 26, 2006 at 3:53 am

    Similar to Thailand. We know guys who have been born here and yet are to have citizenship, passport etc. Nishad explains Thailand roughly. The “expats” who play are a majority of guys who have been here for quite awhile, have their lives here and families etc etc.

    Cricket has yet to start here mate though my plan is November. A few new teams have shown interest and a few teams are likely to pull out. A few teams are showing alot of interest in playing the B Div 25 over comp due to it only takes a half a day especially with the hot weather involved. We still will have a strong Premier League so I will keep in touch. Hoping to have the CAT website up and running by the season.

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