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News: Canada beat Bermuda

…. and are hence at the top of Intercontinental group B……. now the only way for Netherlands to break through would be to beat both Canada and Bermuda…… given Netherlands bowling, I think that is going to be a tough ask……

I realized today that Canada plays a different team in the intercontinental cup v the ODIs…… in the ODIs they have a lot of old players, who are not very effective, or perhaps they were in the last century….. players like Ifill, Chumney, Sandher, Maxwell….. and the effective but old George Codrington…….. I think it is not a bad idea to try out the same team that they have playing in the Intercontinental cup in the ODIs as well……. with the exception of Thurasingham, who they need to also put in the Intercontinental cup games…… Samad was quite good……. and I think that they may want to try him out for some tougher ODIs instead of playing people who are over 40…….

This time the Candian team was fairly strengthened by Bilcliff…… who was absent against Kenya I think……. the ideal Canadian team in my opinion is the following:

Davison (Aus)
Barnett (NZ)
Heany (Aus) [probably someone else would do as well…. ]
Bilcliff (NZ)
Qaiser Ali (Pak)
A Samad (Guy)
Bagai (Ind)
Osinde (Uga)
Bhatti (Pak)
Dhaniram (Guy)
Thurasingham (Sri)

Here is a take…… the whole team was born and mostly bred all over the world map…… except for Canada :)….. As far as I know however, Bagai has learnt his cricket in Canada mostly……… this should be the official UN team……

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  1. Ram
    August 16, 2006 at 1:23 pm

    Well….It’s rather strange that against the norm, Canada are trying out newer players in the longer version and using the older ones in the ODI format..Is it because they want to lean on experience for the WC?…I think they would be better off in prefering talent to experience because experience is of no use when there isn’t talent to even standup to Kenya, who btw will be their group-mates in next year’s event apart from Eng and NZ…

    As for their performances in the longer version, I think they’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations by registering two unexpected victories in two weeks and giving themselves a real chance to make it to the finals ahead of the strongest team in their group in Netherlands…

    These results together with a recent funding of $1million implies that IF Canada can bring in some mainstream cricketers into their system, their future can be a lot brighter….maybe they are not the worst team taking part in the WC next year provided they can field their best team..

  2. August 16, 2006 at 1:30 pm

    even if not mainstream players…… born and bred players would do fine too……. they dont have them in the team at the momment except perhaps for Bagai…… at least the ‘bred’ part is there for him………

    $1mil should be split in 2…… one half to improve facilities in Ontario, and the other for spreading the game….. at least amongst 20K new kids……. if they can get to that number, not only will Ontario give them another grant next year, but city based grants may come quite easily….. and a total number of 40K (17K current and 20K new after this grant) players would definitely help Canada Cricket Association easily get federal govt grants next year as well…….. not to mention all the different talent that would start coming up…..

    Canada have a one time, golden oppurtunity to break the viscious cycle of playing numbers v money…… lets see if they screw it up, or make use of this oppurtunity………….

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