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News: Dutch select 4 for WTC…

Netherlands have selected Kervezee, Van Bunge, Mo Kashif and Mark Jonkman for the ICC Winter Training Camp in South Africa this year. The camp, if I remember correctly, runs for about 11-12 weeks, from beginning of October till mid December…..

Here is my question…… Netherlands are supposed to play 2 of their intercontinental cup games, and at least 4 ODIs against Bermuda and Canada during this time IN South African…… is this great planning by the Dutch? that they will have these 4 players available IN South Africa for call ups? Or is it that the Dutch are planning to go ahead with the tour without these players….. I can understand the players being pipped out of the camp for an odd ODI, but I cannot understand why the Dutch would want to play them in the 2 intercontinental cup games plus the 4 ODIs (12 days out of the 75 day camp)……

Jonkman, if he is going to the World Cup, should have been made to play some ODIs…… you should not ideally have your player making ODI debut in the world cup……

Additionally…… it may not be a bad idea for the Dutch to try and arrange some ODIs in Zimbabwe or Kenya, perhaps a 3 ODI series, since they will be in South Africa anyway….. Dutch have had a terrible luck regarding ODIs and they have very little experience playing them…… given that they are in the pool with South Africa and Australia…… some experience would help…………..

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  1. Nishadh Rego
    August 17, 2006 at 7:08 pm

    Yeah. I think the Dutch in the last year or two have been lagging behind the Scottish and Irish, possibly because they have not made full use of their ODI status, haven’t had the chance, and also because they haven’t been included in the C&G Trophy which is unfortunate for them. They would provide decent opposition for both Zimbabwe, South Africa A or the U-23s. I think Scotland Ireland and Netherlands should also take the opportunities they are getting to play more amongst themselves and possibly include Denmark, over even Norway once in a while.

  2. Tom Lewis
    August 18, 2006 at 3:26 am

    I question the logic of sending Daan Van Bunge to the camp. Most of the players that attended the camp last year have argueably came back and forced their way into the set up of their national side, i.e N. Odhiambo, S. Outerbridge, K. Carroll and others came back vastly improved players, i.e Umar Bhatti, Henry Osinde, A Luseno. Daan Van Bunge has been around a long time. If there are certain aspects of his game that need working on badly then i can maybe understand it. However i would have like to have seen somebody else in the same bracket as Jonkman given the oppurtunity. This could help expand the Netherlands player pool further.

  3. August 20, 2006 at 1:25 am


    The camp is fairly beneficial…… I remember the camp brought in specialists last time to work on even minor details like imporving the ball depth watching skills for the batsmen…… fitness off course is always improved……. but some of the coaching that the players can receive is much better than what they can receive back home……

    Plus Netherlands may not have had anyone else that they thought was at the level where they could have sent them……. otherwise one of the bowlers that they rejected could have been sent, given Netherlands pace bowling dilemma

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