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News: Bermuda beat Canada…

…. and quite easily….. by 6 wickets with 10 overs remaining…..

Canada never ceases to amaze…… they obliterated this Bermuda team, and now, without Bermuda captain, they lost to them without a fight……….

On thing I noticed again today was that Bernett did not play, neither did Osinde….. in came Chumney, the lousy 80 year old west indian batsman, and also George Codrington and Austin Codrington….. I do not know why they cannot stick with their winning combination…… why do they love to play musical chairs all the time…… Osinde I think was injured, Barnett may not have been available because he has been playing cricket in Canada for a while, and perhaps needed to go back to New Zealand ….. a problem that only Canada will face……..

Heany is perhaps pushing it too much….. I feel that George Codrington, despite being 42, is more effective than Heany…… sometime back I gave my ideal Canada team, just replace Heany with George Codrington and Canada would have a competitive team in my opinion…..

So far, in the Associate v Associate ODIs, Bermuda has been the best, along with Kenya….. both have 2 victories each, though, the only team to have lost all four matches has been Canada :)….. Ireland is number 3, also locked with Scotland……. with 1 victory each, Scotland also has a defeat, which Ireland doesnt……. both Netherlands and Canada are at the bottom of this table with nothing to show so far….. ICC should perhaps at least publish this table……

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  1. Ram
    August 20, 2006 at 2:40 am

    Looks as though the only way Canada are going to be competitve in next year’s World Cup is by making them play 4 day games against their opponents instead of 50 over games…I guess the CCA President was right when he said that Canada would get permanent Test status within a decade…however, he forgot to add that getting permanent ODI status would take longer… 🙂

  2. August 20, 2006 at 3:04 am

    I just realized that Canada is a pretty weak expat based team as well……. if they were to take out their 4 imports, it leaves the rest of the team, the expats, in a pretty tough situation………..

    I just dont understand why they shuffle their players around a lot, and why they have the urge to try 40+ players when their younger lot does so well in the intercontinental cup……….

    I remember that Canada also tried to play an ODI against SA in the 2003 WC like a test match….. needing 230 or so to win, they lost Davison in the first over, and then decided that they would try to ‘draw’ the match :):)…… I dont know what the hell was going through their mind at that time, but they wanted to show that they can survive by leaving 50 overs and not making any runs………..

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