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News: Ireland annouce World Cup Squad….

Ireland squad for the 2007 World Cup has been annouced as follows:

  • DT Johnston, captain (Clontarf)
  • A Botha (North County)
  • J Bray (Eglinton)
  • K Carroll (Railway Union)
  • P Gillespie (Strabane)
  • K McCallan, vice-captain (Waringstown)
  • J Mooney (North County)
  • P Mooney (North County)
  • E Morgan (Middlesex)
  • K O’Brien (Railway Union)
  • N O’Brien (Kent)
  • W Porterfield (Rush)
  • B Rankin (Bready)
  • D Langford-Smith (Phoenix)
  • A White (Northants)
  • I think this squad is pretty much the best that Ireland could muster up. I am glad that Rankin, Carroll and Porterfield have all made the squads. McCallan and White should provide them with the spin options as well. John Mooney I am not so confident about, but I guess he is in the squad of 15, not in the final 11.

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    1. Hossain
      August 25, 2006 at 1:44 pm

      What happened to the junior Joyce ?

    2. August 25, 2006 at 1:46 pm

      He is probably in the 5 reserves…..

      This is not the final final list……. this is the 99% final list….. 🙂 Ireland wanted to annouce these names so that these players, who are mostly amateur, could take time off from work in the lead up time to the world cup……

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