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News: Africa WCQS Qualifier round up…..

Tanzania have won the WCQS Div III spot from Africa…… their margin of victories were also comprehensive enough….. 151 runs, 111 runs, 9 wkts and 8 wkts.

there were 2 surprises in this tournament…..

The first was Zambia… the qualifer last time around, and one which on paper had done a lot in terms of playing numbers and facilities improvement…… it got ranked at Number 4 out of 5, losing to everyone but Nigeria……..

The second was Mozambique, an affiliate that had rarely participated in cricket tournaments in Africa till 2 years back…… the country borders South Africa, so that may have to do something with the sudden surge in popularity of the sport……… They ended up being number 3, over Nigeria and Zambia who are associates.

I am hoping that there is still another tournament in the Africa region as part of the regional championships. That tournament should include Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania……… I was under the impression for quite some time that this is how it is going to be, but lately, there is a lot of confusion …….. with Uganda touring Kenya in Sept and Namibia going to South Africa in Oct, and Kenya hosting Bermuda for Nov, I dont know if this tournament is actually going to take place……….

The other interesting thing that is happenning is that East Africa is becoming a reasonably strong cricket center. Now there is Tanzania to add to Kenya and Uganda. Triangular series like Atul Shah tourney between these three should start becoming the norm from here on, and it would help them all.

In case someone is wondering whether Tanzania is an expat team or not by reading their names……. well….. they arent…….. all of them are Tanzania born and bred, and at least half of them are also from the black population. Their names may sound like they are Pakistanis, but generally they are not. They just have muslim names……..

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  1. Ram
    August 31, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    I think it’s Kenya who’ll be doing the touring this time in late September to Uganda to play 3 one day games apart from a 3-day game…

    It looks as though all these African teams that took part in the Div II event have indigenous sides…Btw, is there any reason why Africa hardly fields any expat-based team?…Is it then true that most of the African countries have already mainstreamed their game?…

  2. rego
    August 31, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    I think its just due to the fact that the number of expats living in countries like Botswana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Namibia is not very high, as these countries are 3rd world countries, with reasonably poor economies, poor standards of living, and therefore do not attract much foreign investment. The only expats living there would be the diplomats, and some businessmen working in specific industry. Most of these African team have in that respect been forced to hone their own development systems to find any players at all. Furthermore, most of these countries are British colonies where the population has some prior knowledge of the sport and how its played. This is not the case with the chinese in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and the Thais, Arabs, and Bruneians

  3. amar shanghavi
    September 7, 2006 at 3:12 pm

    I am a former Tanzanian national player and of indian origin. Until 2000, the whole team was made up of players from South Asian origins, as East Africa holds a large population of Indian (mostly Gujrati) immigrants who were brought to the country as labourers in the late 18th century. After 2000, Tanzania invested heavily in the grass root development of the game, resulting in a strong base of indegineous players. But you are right in saying that expats do not play too much cricket in Tanzania as there are not many to begin with (it is great in the sense that it has helped spread the game more quickly to the rest of the country).

  4. September 7, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    Just a comment…….

    There IS an Africa Div I scheduled for this year…… it will have South Africa A, Zimbabwe A, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Namibia………. hopefully its a round robin with 15 games……….

    I am looking forward to that series, as it will give an excellent picture of where African cricket stands…….

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