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News: “Cricket taking root in China”

Sure, it is taking root……. it is in the seed plantation stage, by no means should it is considered to be ready for harvest, perhaps not in the near future either……. I read this article, and the only reason I thought I should post this is because it actually spells out some numbers….. 19 primary schools, 20 middle schools, 20 universities, talent identification and first time trials were for 6416 kids, and 995 of them chose to pick up the game, so about 18%, which is a little higher than the normal (usually, it is around 10% in European countries)…..

Now, China is planning to have 30K players by the end of 2007, so in 15 months……. thats a lot of players, and thats a huge jump from the current 995. I dont know if it is going to be possible, but with there being a certain element of ‘must do’ in trying out the new game, they might just do it, who knows………..

30K should throw up a decent natural talent, and you never know, China may be more competitive than a lot of countries at the U15 level……. but I doubt that will be this year, perhaps in the next……. I see another Myanmar or a Brunei happenning this year…….. well, maybe not Myanmar……. anything is better than Myanmar Cricket team !!

I like the fact that the CCA has started the pilot programs in the cities where there is ‘open mindedness’ and the will to ‘try something new’….. shows that CCA is seriously going after this business…… Perhaps they may want to restrict themselves to 2-3 cities initially, get a lot of kids playing there, because they may be able to make a localized cricket culture that way, before spreading it out……

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  1. Ram
    September 23, 2006 at 9:04 am

    I think getting about 1000 kids into the game over the first year represents a decent start, though much more needs to be done to achieve the CCA’s rather ambitious target of becoming a competitive ODI nation within the next 10-15 years….It would be better to have China playing its first international tournament at the U15 level later this year because ultimately they need exposure to create more public awareness and raise cricketing standards within the country…They need to make a start somewhere and so earlier the better…

    About China’s 18% being higher than what it was for the European countries, maybe a couple of points are worth noting in this regard: 1. China has never been fascinated by team sport, with the result there’s NO mass culture there to take up any particular sport unlike in European countries where soccer mostly dominates….Hence, Chinese have greater freedom to take to a sport of their choice and cricket offers an extra option…2. Roger Binny earlier said that the Chinese kids grasped the game within minutes of explaining the rules to them….maybe this better understanding of the game is translating into proportionally higher playing numbers…

  2. September 24, 2006 at 8:01 am

    This is great news. I’m sure we’ll see rapid development. Kids will pick up cricket within minutes in any language or country. I’ve taught kids on the street in Romania and in Poland, without one word of common language, and within ten minutes their creaming cover drives. It just takes effort on behalf of organisers to get armies of kids playing.

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