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Opinion: Netherlands should learn from Maldives….

I have come across an update on the Maldives cricket board website about a Cricket Carnival that they held recently. Personally I am a little surprised that only 170 kids were particiapting, and not a 1000……. but nonetheless, it made me think that every club in Netherlands needs to hold such an event, for at least 100 kids, every year…… this should be for kids new to the game….. those who decide that they would like to further pursue the sport, or show immense natural talent, should be able to do so by joining the club….. it would not only be good publicity for the club, but it will also directly add to the revenues by getting more members……… so it is sort of a win win situation….. and with 60 clubs in Netherlands, you are looking at 6000 new kids being introduced to the game every year, so you are creating a potential following for the national team as well…… which would certainly help in this era for Dutch cricket with the ODI calender and all……….

I have mentioned this before, but I just thought that I would give a concrete example for what should be done in a Cricket session of this sort…….

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  1. Noire
    September 24, 2006 at 3:29 am

    Well maldives is a small country…and prbabably the island the ground was on wasnt big enuff for more than 170 (lol jk)…but its good for their cricket!

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