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Opinion: ICC should perhaps merge the ODI tables…..

Unless the associates were to go ahead and beat test teams in at least 2 ODIs, the ICC is not going to count them in the table. The ICC is maintaining a seperate table for the associate v associate games, one that Bermuda is topping at the momment. Perhaps the rankings from this table can also be put in the main table for the ICC website, so that at least the changes in the rankings can be publicly known frequently. Rankings are likely to change in the next month as well, as Netherlands/Bermuda/Canada series takes place and the Kenya/Bermuda series takes place……….

I understand that the ICC doesnt want to include the teams in there unless they beat a full test team at least 2 times, but the current world rankings should be known for ALL the ODI nations I feel. It looks odd that one comes on the ICCs website and the world rankings only include 10 teams in the world !!

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  1. Ram
    September 28, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    Nasir, Where can I find the separate ranking system the ICC has in place for the top Associate countries?…Is it on their website?

    On a slightly different note, it’s been confirmed that Scotland will be playing 2 ODIs in Bangladesh on Dec 15th and 17th…should be quite interesting to see how the Scots stack up against Bangladesh on home soil….I wonder what prevented those concerned from making this a 3 or 5 ODI series?

  2. September 29, 2006 at 12:48 am

    I think the ICC is generally pushing for 2 ODI series for associates v test nations……….. I think the thinking is that if the associate loses the first ODI, then there is still some interest in the second…… but if it loses first 2 in a 3 ODI series, or the first 3 in a 5 ODI series, then the remaining ODIs have no meaning……….

    Now why didnt they change their thinking for the Scotland/Bangladesh series…….. I dont know…… Bangladesh should have by itself given the extra ODI to scotland……….

    ICC does NOT have the seperate ODI table for the associates on their website…… you can make one yourself…… but you must not count the associate v test countries matches in that……

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