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Opinion: Tim De Leede’s interview…..

BTB recently carried an interview with Tim De Leede about Dutch cricket…… De Leede raised 2 main points, and one of them was about lack of playing numbers…. I was surprised that Rod Lyall did not mention this in his article a while back….. It seems to be that the major problem with Netherlands in taking them from the elite associate to a country that can on and off beat the big boys is the playing numbers factor……… if they can achieve a team of their standard with only 5K players, what will they be able to do with 20K? plus additional playing numbers are always more important for jumpstarting the cricketing economy…… more coaches, instructors, journalists etc are needed….. a website will get more visits and more ads, a book can sell good numbers, a match can sell good tickets etc….. standard things……

The other thing he talks about ……. I think he is missing the point…… and I say that with surprise because De Leede knows more about Dutch Cricket than anyone else, especially me………

What he says is that there is not enough interest enough to make a living off cricket in European countires, and that he doesnt see that improving until more and more people play cricket …….

Let me paint a picture….. Netherlands cricket team becomes good enough to beat India with only 5K people……. what will happen? It will become an in demand team in India……. what will happen, India will arrange matches against them, or invite them, or invite them to play in a triangular…… and with the kind of money that India makes, $1million per match is something that the Netherlands can easily achieve WITHOUT any following of the game in Netherlands ……. it all money from India (or Pakistan, or Australia, South Africa or England)…. and I think De Leede and company will be very happy even if they make a  tenth of that in every game they play, given that they are playing 15-20 ODIs a year……. that will give them the extra money they need to expand their junior programs etc…..

So to me, his argument that the standard cannot improve much without more kids playing cricket is correct, and Netherlands has to work on it……. and they need to work on it quickly….. but the later argument is not correct…….. maybe I am misuderstanding………

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  1. October 1, 2006 at 9:54 am

    de Leede’s interview is certainly the most pessimistic interview we’ve done at BTB. Most have painted quite a rosy picture of cricket in their countries and are optimistic about the future, with only minor problems. From what de Leede was saying, it’s all doom and gloom in The Netherlands.

  2. October 2, 2006 at 2:59 am

    A third thing that I noticed in the interview was from the following statement of his:

    “Not very many unfortunately… clubs have to do that as cricket is not played in schools although I know PE teachers are dying for new games. Cricket is one of them. I have sold many plastic sets to schools myself (I have a cricket shop) so I know there is a demand.”

    Now, I am confused a bit. The thing is that KNCB always mentions that schools sports are not part of Netherlands culture, and only club sports are. This is why, when they were even asked before why they didnt have schools cricket like Scotland or Ireland, they used to reply in that manner. Now if Schools Sports are not part of Netherlands culture, then what difference would it make if there is cricket being played in schools or not? I think De Leede is mentioning this from a logical perspective, that if the PE classes were to have cricket, then more and more kids would get into the sport, and would take their game forward through the clubs. This sounds reasonable enough, but it should have sounded reasonable enough for KNCB to never have made the statement about schools sports not being part of Netherlands culture in the first place.

  3. Ram
    October 2, 2006 at 8:35 am


    I don’t think Netherlands can become an in-demand team in India (or for that matter in any Test country) just because they defeat them in an ODI or two…For the Dutch to become an in-demand team in India, they need to become a top team on par with the top 8 nations….And, I don’t see that happening there in the next 5 years given the current interest levels and playing numbers…As I said earlier, the only way the KNCB is going to make good money is by hosting India for a 3-ODI series so that Indian TV companies get interested….Also, revenue from ticket sales would be much higher for a match against India than for an ODI against SL or SA…Of course, the other option would be to host England but am not sure if such a match can generate as much revenue as a series involving India….

  4. October 2, 2006 at 10:37 am

    An India v Holland match would not sell for much in India either, unless Holland is a competitive team…….. India can probably make more money by just telecasting India A v India B………

    By defeating them in an ODI or two, I meant that they are competitive to that level……. not the current one where they are trying not to be humiliated…… I think pre exodus Zim standard is what is doable for Netherlands, and that standard was good enough to ‘make a match’ against the test teams…… with the occasional win keeping the mystery alive……..

  5. Cuen Lucas
    October 2, 2006 at 2:04 pm

    I wonder if De Leede is not talking about European countries in general? If that is so then he might be right.
    In the short term it’ll be tough for Dutch players to be able to play cricket professionally but with their successes over the past few years then there’s a chance to change that situation.

    If a “pre-exodus” Zimbabwe playing level is doable then that’s not bad at all because Zimbabwe were a side capable of giving the top 8 a hard time and even ruining their day on occasions.

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