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Opinion: What is Bermuda Cricket’s future?

I was reading this article on the web, and I have come to ask the question whether Bermuda actually has a future in top flight cricket. To me, the article suggests that Bermuda is ALREADY a cricket crazy nation, with cricket as part of culture, and people aspiring to become cricketers. The domestic competition is passionately watched, and is paid cricket for the players. They have a good touring schedule in place, and they have been touring a lot of countries this year.

But their standard is pretty much the same. Losing to Jamaica in that 20/20 match was perhaps the worst thing. The thing is that the country is just so small, they dont have the numbers playing the game. Their playing numbers are less than Netherlands; one a cricket crazy country, and the other where people think cricket is an insect (well it is….. but thats not the point).

The question is how far can Bermuda go in top flight cricket with their current population?? They do NOT have the marvelous talent….. they do NOT have a large talent pool…… perhaps they work the best they can with their pool, but is it enough? Is it even worth pursuing?

Bermuda’s facilities may not be great, but they are definitely better than Nepal’s ….. and government backing is better than Nepal as well (or any associate for that matter)…… yet the Nepal U19 team is going to thrash Bermuda U19 team…….. Sure, teams improve due to better facilities, better pay, more time spent on cricket etc. But just how much can you improve if the starting level is too low?

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