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News: Dutch Chairman’s interview

CricketEurope recently carried the interview of the new Dutch chairman.

The one thing I am surprised about is the fact that this is about the 3rd-4th time that someone from KNCB has mentioned that staying in the top 16 is either ‘very difficult’, ‘not a top priority’ etc. which makes me think that they may already have taken a back step in that regard.

Nonetheless, it is very good that the new chairman talks about increasing player base, junior involvement and about playing on grass wickets (or better quality artificial turfs).

Sometime back, I mentioned that ICC should make it s rule, that as part of High Performance Program, a country will also get a free feed of all international cricket that is played in the test countries. Something like that would have ensured that the most important complimenting item to intro clinics i.e. cricket on TV is also there. I discussed how test countries would perhaps not agree on showing the feed free in Canada, but the point is, the earlier we start thinking of Canada’s 90% non immigrant population the better. Give this free feed for about 10 years, then see how many new followers of the game you have, and then see how much money you can make off the TV rights from there.

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  1. Cuen Lucas
    October 6, 2006 at 12:03 pm

    Cetainly a lot for the new chairman to do, but I think he’s on a good direction, especially when it comes to recognising the importance of junior cricket. It might not be such a bad thing to say that it’ll be difficult to keep in the top 16 because it show that there isn’t much complacency going on there.

    Now about the T.V. issue, my opinion ties in a lot with your previous article about the amount of games being played, teams like the Netherlands need to be playing more games, BUT those games need to be televised.I feel it’s going to be difficult to interest those of those in the non-cricket community by showing other countries playing the sport, becuase it’ll look like a foreign game.
    People need to see that cricket is for the Netherlands as well, and as I pointed out some time ago, youngsters are more likely to pick up bat or ball if they start following the exploits of local stars on T.V. Once a stronger interest in cricket can be developed, then other ODI’s etc. will become viable to show

  2. October 6, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    Actually, it would be great if someone can also suggest a solution for this problem for the associates……….. like Netherlands for e.g.

    Kenya, Ireland, Scotland, Bermuda are all fine with the game being shown on TV. But the problem is that it is usually not worth the telecasters time or effort to go ahead and do that………… Kenya recently got the games on TV….. Ireland v England was on TV…….. Bermuda’s Stanford 2020 game was on TV……… but I doubt that Netherlands can get their game on TV……. even if it is free, the telecaster will not be interested in covering it………

    The only way I see forward is to use whatever resources they have to improve standard………….. if playing numbers are a problem, then they need to increase that through other mechanisms, and if nothing else, then seeing the big time sport being played even by 2 other countries is fine for the time being……………

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