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Opinion: The Pakistan Cricket Soap Opera…..

What the hell is going on? Now Shahryar Khan has resigned due to the fall out with Younis Khan……

Let me first talk about what Younis Khan is doing….. its all goofy……. Younis Khan got pissed off becasue Shehryar Khan made him wait for sometime before meeting him ….. DUH, Younis, you are not Imran Khan….. Shahryar Khan is still your boss, and it is ok to show some respect especially since you would also want to have some from your team…..

The second thing is about Younis not being happy that his appointment is only for Champions Trophy…… One thing he needs to get through his head that Inzi IS the captain, and he would have been the captain had he not been banned……. the flow of events was that Inzi would have been captain till 2007 WC, after which he would  have retired and Younis would have been the captain…. and given that Younis is only 30, he would have had at least 2 World Cups to captain before retiring…….. THe thing is that Younis knew all this…… I am not sure what the sudden confusion was…… 3 days ago he accepted the captaincy and was giving tonnes of interviews to Pakistani channels about performance, strategies etc…… so what happened in the last 2-3 days?

Selection of Faisal Iqbal? Well, frankly, who was Younis Khan’s alternative? I know there was this guy called Asim Kamal who was quite good, and so were a few others, but what is wrong with Faisal Iqbal? And even if there is, there are other ways of dealing with it, given that Faisal Iqbal is not even going to be in the starting XI……..

It all makes me think about the fact that even in Australia, the selectors choose the squad, the captain only makes the team out of the squad….. captain may have input to selection, but it is just that….. an input…..

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  1. October 7, 2006 at 3:33 am

    Now Younis Khan has been reinstated….. and Mushtaq Ahmed, the assistant coach has resigned…… it is said that Younis Khan was not happy at the attitude of Shoaib Akhtar, Yousaf, Razzaq and Afridi towards him and when he went to Shahryar Khan, he wasnt that supportive……….. I guess the question is, if Shahryar Khan was that bad, then why did he resign??

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