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Opinion: The farce that is Zimbabwe ….

Well….. luckily I did not watch the whole Zim v Sri match this time and caught up on my precious sleep. It is Ramazan, so that comes naturally. Kamongozi is a so so bowler, wasnt doing much with the ball, and if images of Collins Obuya are coming to your mind, that is not the case. Ireland is quite decent, though, he is perhaps not their best bowler, so I dont know why they insisted on dropping Rainsford. One mystery has been solved, Terry Duffin has gone back to Zimbabwe because he apparently had some funny thing to eat in India. He has been replaced by Gary Brent, who used to be a useless bowler 6-7 years ago, and now has become a batsman good enough to warrant a place in this Zim side.

Setting out to chase 285, which was perhaps 30 less than what Sri should have made, Zim lost that great specialist tail ender Piet Rinke early, followed almost immediately by Mufambisi, whose only 4 had actually come after the slip deflected a dropped catch to the boundary. Chibhabha was once again out of sorts, and I dont even know how this guy had an average of 33 against the WI in WI. Masakadza and Taylor shared a decent 60-70 runs partnership, after which Taylor went, and Masakadza threw his wicket away as if he was missing his partner too much. Chigambura played a super shot, once again, and got himself runout when he did not call and ran for the third as well, with Matsikenyri looking at the boundary !. The ever pathetic Matsikenyri did not disappoint. After that I went to sleep, not because I was hoping for a victory (I pretty much lost out on that thought as soon as the Zim players came in to bat), but because I felt like catching up on some.

Taylor was quite comfortable during his stay. He had a lot of time to play the shots, was not overawed by the bowling, played on both sides very well, and had very few play and misses. Masakadza was a different story. 3 of his 5 fours were over the head of the slips or the keeper, and he looked quite awkward playing the pace bowling. Still, Masakadza looks like someone who can possibly chip in with a 40-50 if he spends enough time on the wicket. So perhaps Taylor and Masakadza can open the batting for Zim (as both have in the past) so that we can quickly turn the TV off once they are dismissed.

The less torture, the better.

I am just a little bit curious. What exactly are the playing numbers in Zim? What are the viewership numbers in terms of television?

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  1. Ram
    October 10, 2006 at 3:46 pm

    I don’t think cricket is that popular in Zimbabwe to be attracting a “decent” viewership…Also, given the state of their economy, I don’t know if many have access to TV, leave alone access to pay channels that hire cricket….Consequently, it wouldn’t hurt the ICC or the game financially or otherwise if Zim is stripped of Test status…..Infact, the ICC is losing in millions now by handing out money to Zim because of their Full membership…

  2. October 12, 2006 at 1:00 pm

    Cricket is the least of their problems. You’d need a wheelbarrow full of their worthless currency now to even buy a set of pads, bat and a ball.

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