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News: Kenya whitewash Bermuda….

A 3-0 drubbing.

Many newbie enthusiasts have been blindly looking at Bermuda’s performance in the Americas championships and considering them to be perhaps at par with Kenya. Well, for once I think that that argument should at least ve put to rest. One thing that does need to be kept in mind is that Bermuda is the only country that has not played any ODI cricket in their home country as yet. With amatuer teams, the home conditions matter a lot, so who knows what the result would have been had Kenya been touring Bermuda instead. I would take my chances and guess that Kenya would still have won, because the level of drubbing that Bermuda got was quite severe. Bermuda can say they were without O Brien, Cann etc. Kenya can say they are without Otieno, Suji, Modi and dare I say Ravindu Shah. Kenya can also say that they are WITH Kamande, so they are at a disadvantage :).

It looks like Kamande is likely to be Kenya’s specialist spinner along with Variya. Collins Obuya as a batsman, I am afraid, is not an option unless every other batsman in the country is dea or something. He is a hitter, a clean one, but extremely limited. By no means is he a batsman. Whatever runs he makes should be considered a bonus. David Obuya seems to have made a comeback with a bang. I think he will pretty much solve Kenya’s 1 down problem. Modi should return, and perhaps should bat below Mishra.

Kenya then looks like this:

D Obuya

Not a bad lineup for an associate team. They have managed to find some decent youngsters in that line up as well, but their U19 team is still very weak so a lot of work needs to be done. We all know that Kenya cricket has gone backwards, but perhaps it is not yet on the point of no return.

For Bermuda, Hemp, a disappointment. All the hooblah for nothing. If Hemp is a top run getter in English county can he cant play Odoyo, Ongondo in 3 straight games, what does that mean? Perhaps the Kenya bowlers should try out for English counties.

Leverock is always impressive, so is Romaine with the bat. Mukaddem was also very effective with the ball. Perhaps with the return of Cann, and through  some miracle of O Brien, Bermuda improve drastically. But I doubt it. Now the question that comes in my mind is this one: Bermuda cricket has $11 mil in govt money, it has the best paid cricketers amongst associates, a cricket crazy environment, and they have been on tour most of the year, so the match fitness and experience is also there. Yet they cant stand up to most teams (unless they are missing their top players, like Canada). This seems to be the upper limit of what Bermuda can achieve, while for the other ODI associates, its only scratching the surface. As the rest improve (including Namibia and UAE), Bermuda will find it harder and harder to stand up.

Exactly how much does the size of the talent pool matter?

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  1. rego
    November 14, 2006 at 3:50 pm

    A very good series for Kenya indeed. Variya looks like an awesome find along with Mishra. These two seem to the be the future. Ongondo seems to found himself a niche in replacing Martin Suji, and along with Odoyo, seems to be doing reasonably well. The batting is still rather weak and dependent on Tikolo, and Mishra. Ouma needs to become more consisent, while David Obuya needs to turn those starts into big ones.

    Bermuda were hugely disappointing after their recent elevation into becoming payed players. Their openers need to get their acts together or be prepared to be sitting ducks in the world cup. Clay Smith has to return, and hopefully as Hemp settles in, these two, and Romaine, Tucker can shoulder most of the burden with the batting. Leverock and Mukkudem need more support from the other bowlers!..Plus..Bermuda don’t seem to have found any classy new youngsters..

  2. November 14, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    Very difficult for Bermuda with a small player base of 3K people to find world class players…………

    I was surprised that Leverock attacked yesterday…… as far as I know, the guy is a spinner….. was Bermuda trying to do a Deepak Patel here?

    All of Obuya, Ouma, Kamande are very limited players…….. they are not class acts by any definition…… but they are the best that Kenya has at the momment, and I think it is at least good that Kenya has started to find some sort of a combination……. These 3 Kenyan players look out of sorts against Test opposition, but they are fine when it comes to other associates…..

    Mishra…… well, we must keep in mind that he hasnt done anything against any test opposition as yet…… lot of talk about him………..

    Tikolo is a class act….. he is old, but I think he can keep on playing till he is 40, especially in a limited team like Kenya….. he would become the George Codrington for them…… cant do much if the 40 year old is 2 times better than the 25 year old ………. Otieno was very capable, but I dont know what happenned to both the brothers……. they seem to have lost it quite a bit….. Odoyo, Ongondo are fine…….

    Can Maurice Odumbe return after this ban is over?

  3. Nick Deverell
    November 14, 2006 at 8:13 pm

    I’m not sure if you have actually watched Ouma and the Obuya brothers bat as opposed to looking purely at stats?

    Ouma has long promised much more than he’s delivered, but partly this has been a lack of exposure and quality coaching. He certainly has talent and his low scores are I think more a mental issue than technique. It looks as though the Winter training camp has done him a lot of good, so hopefully he will now start to produce what is expected. He also followed some bad examples early in his career in terms of attitude etc that are now no longer an influence.
    Of the two Obuyas currently in the team, the one who is probably the better batsman is actually Collins. If you think he can’t bat, have a look back at the centuries he has made against visiting A teams and his 40s vs Bangladesh. He is also improving fast as he concentrates more on this part of his game. Prior to this year, he averaged 14.86 in ODI and first class. His average this year is 26.6. Sure, still work to do, but he is no slouch at all. He also scores runs domestically.
    Regards David, the jury is still out for me. He looked ok this series, but I don’t know he has the technique to open unless he has improved since I last watched him. I suppose with Ravindu and quite possibly Kennedy not looking likely, he may be the best we have until one of the youngsters like Obanda is groomed into the position.
    Note that both brothers are truly fantastic fielders.
    Ditto Kamande, who again, I am unsure of. Part of the problem is he has had a bad run prior to this year. He used to bowl medium but was called for his action. Now that is fixed, but he bowls spin so is a completely different bowler. He has done well against the Associates this year, but we will see what happens come the games next year. Of all the players, I really hope he can step up to getting results against top opposition. I don’t know many better fielders or nicer guys and if he can keep getting wickets and make a few runs too (has been one of the best in the NPCA and vs Uganda) he could be a really useful all rounder.
    Mishra has made 3 40+ scores vs Zim & Bangladesh (the only test opposition we have had a chance to play so far)and 2 30+ scores. Bear in mind also he is only 19. Now that he has that ODI half century under his belt, he should prove to be a very useful batsman indeed.
    Regards age, it is not just the associates where players are going on a long time – look at Australia, only the best team in the world… Kenya’s average age is far lower, so no worries there. By the time Tikolo et al retire, we will have suitable replacements.

  4. Tom Lewis
    November 15, 2006 at 3:18 am

    I think it would be wrong to write off players like Collins Obuya and Maurice Ouma just yet. A indicator of the talent Collins has is purely the fact that he spent time at Warwickshire, how many other Kenyans can say that they have played at that level in England?

    Probably only Rageb Aga who has been playing for Surrey 2nd XI, and he is not even in the Kenyan set up currently.

  5. November 15, 2006 at 3:31 pm

    I am not writing off Ouma…… I only said he is not a class act………..

    Nick, first of all, welcome back from the hiatus…..

    Secondly….. I have seen Ouma play in 3-4 games. And I have seen Obuya bat in more than 10, including this year…. he tries to come to the middle of the pitch and make every delivery into a full toss!! how is that a good batsman? I said that he is a very effective hitter, I have seen him hit some sixes effortlessly……

    Tom, Collins Obuya was definitely talented when he signed up for Warwickshire as a bowler……. I dont know what has happenned to him, but he just doesnt bowl anymore, and when he does, he goes for 10 runs an over……… so now he is being selected as a batsman……… I am sure Warwickshire did not selected him as a batsman!

  6. rego
    November 15, 2006 at 5:14 pm

    I remember Ouma scoring a half century against India in the 2004 Champions Trophy. Obviously hes not a class act, but from what I’ve heard and seen, he looks quite compact, and versatile. I’m quite interested in hearing something more about Hiren Variya. Does anyone know much about him?

  7. Ram
    November 23, 2006 at 12:48 am

    It’s difficult to understand why Bermuda doesn’t have much to showcase to the World about their cricket despite having everything going for them…First, they’ve been playing cricket for many decades now, not to mention a cricket-crazy public, which makes it doubly surprising that they are the only Associate of the top 6 NOT to have an ODI venue!…Second, their standard of cricket is pretty low inspite of all these factors…Though their population numbers (and consequently playing numbers) is bound to catch up with them sometime down the line, I don’t think that should be a significant factor now considering that the Netherlands who are no better in this regard, have a stronger team…

    Coming to Kenya, their strong performances in the 1996 and 2003 WCs have raised people’s expectations…Now they look upto Kenya to produce Test-level cricketers like Tikolo or Odumbe…An Ouma or Varaiya may be a good player at the Associate level but it is highly arguable if they can effectively replace players of the stature of Tikolo in the years to come…Kenya needs time and money to recover lost ground, which is why it’s important they get quality fixtures like Sco/Ire do…I’m sure South Africa can help; they’ve generally been receptive to developing African cricket…

  8. November 23, 2006 at 9:16 am

    When did all this happen? I last saw the Kenyans only at the World cup and then *pop* no sign of them at all.

    And by the way Kenyans do have some classy players esp Steve Tikolo. The man can fit into any team.

  9. suji
    November 24, 2006 at 9:41 am

    argh!!! i prefer Otieno to be replaced with Ravi Shah, Otieno is too inconsistent with all those ducks and single digit scores(1-9).Thank god Brijal Patel is now totally gone, I just dunno how he got into the team in the first place.Hmm, modi is inconsistent too.With young players like Mishra, Odhiambo, Ouma, Varaiya and obuya we got a bright future.We just need to replace The old guns with the years to come. Thats why i admire zimbabwe with the way they have drafted youngsters to the team.Prosper utseya and co taibu too would make them stronger if he comes to his senses.

  10. Ram
    December 4, 2006 at 10:12 am

    Talking Kenyan cricket, CK have certainly pulled off a coup by signing a 6-year TV/sponsorship deal with Nimbus valued totally at around US $1 million…Now this is a HUGE development considering all the difficulties CK has faced in attracting sponsorship thanks to the inefficiency of their predecessors, and should now put Kenyan cricket on a more sound financial footing which is imperative for the setting up of a good development program and developing/maintaining infrastructure…Not only that, TV coverage will ensure much needed visibility for the game there…The next step for CK should be to ensure a good number of ODIs, not just against fellow Associates but also against Test nations, and multi-day games against fellow Associates/Test ‘A’ teams every year…Equally important is the need to establish a domestic competition in the longer 4-day format of the game to really improve cricketing standards in the country…

    Now…this deal seems to reinforce my view that Kenya are the most popular Associate country, a fact attributable to their strong World Cup performances…This should also make the ICC rethink about the “permanent ODI” status it scrapped sometime back because it really helps these Associates to develop a long term plan…maybe Sco and Ire need strong performances in the 2007 WC to be able to sell their TV rights but they would certainly be hampered by the fact that their ODI status is only till 2009, which is why the ICC should look to re-introduce the permanent ODI status…

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