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News: Netherlands beat Canada….

But Canada would perhaps come out to be the happier of the sides at the end of the day….. it was a stiff target of 271 runs, and Canada were without the services of their leading 3 batsmen, the imports Davison, Barnett and Bilcliff. Still, for them to get to within 17 runs of the target was an excellent display, and Netherlands has more to think about their bowling. They are becoming somewhat of a one trick pony based around ten Doeschate. He is their premier batsman at 1 down, and is now also leading the attack. Kervezee did very well, and it was good to see Zuiderant get back in the runs. But Jonkman was perhaps a notch below what I was expecting, though Borren was impressive. The one thing that still puzzles me is the Dutch spin bowlers. Kashif bowled only 2 overs for 16 runs, not very impressive, but the fact that he got only a couple of overs also tells me a bit about the confidence level of the captain in the young spinners. Van Bunge on the other hand has been effective of late fairly regularly, but his bowling is not that great, even by associate standards, and one can look at his performance with the ball in the Euro Asia cup in UAE to see the thrashings he received at the hands of the A teams.

Canada would be very happy with Bagai, who may actually solve a bit of a problem in the Canadian lineup as well coming in at 1 down. Jyoti, Maxwell and Chumney (how old is he? 45?) all did pretty well, and so did Bhatti and Dhaniram with the ball. George Codrigton should be coming down lower in the order, Bagai can be promoted to the 1 down spot. It looks like Canada actually has a good problem to solve once their 3 major batsmen get available.

Its becoming more and more convoluted to figure out a ranking between Holland, Kenya, post Hemp Bermuda, and Canada.

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  1. Ram
    November 27, 2006 at 10:51 am

    Well, how strong the Netherlands really are as an ODI team?…Till not long ago, it was thought that the Dutch were in the same league as Ban/Zim/Sco and Ire….However, this Canadian team which, without three of its main players, has run the Dutch side so close, had earlier lost badly to the current Zim outfit in the Trinidad triseries…It’s also interesting how Netherlands would do against Kenya who recently defeated this Canadian team quite comfortably in 2 ODIs…

    However, it’s surprising that this Canadian team has rather reversed the trend and expectations by defeating Bermuda in the 2nd match of the triseries….maybe this outfit is better?

  2. suji
    November 27, 2006 at 12:07 pm

    well! well! well! Netherlands have won against a depleted Canadian side…YAWN!!!! with all the three players back Canada would have closed down that total easily.The three teams seem to be the same strength anyway.U cannot rank these teams with Kenya in ODIs but you can with the four day format(intercontinental cup).There is a gap between (Kenya,Zimbabwe) and the three teams in ODIs,but one interesting thing is that canada is made up of imports….Codrington, Sandher, Davison, Billcliff and Barnett are the only canadian born players….. which shows the interest in the sport will not grow that much in Canada.As for the tri series anyone can win (battle of the minnow minnows)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not much interest!!!

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