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News: Netherlands scrap past Canada…

A victory by 1 wicket, and that too after the last wicket had to play out of their skin to put on 27 runs, would not do Netherlands proud, but would make the second string Canadian team very happy. As far as I can see it, the 3 people going out from the current Canadian team would be Mulla, Qaiser Ali and Sandher. In their place would come Davison (both as frontline spinner and opener), Bilcliff and Barnett. I also see Maxwell being dropped for a frontline seamer in either Austin Codrington or Sanjay Thurasingham, possibly the latter.

Now, the rankings. Bermuda seem to be at the bottom of the pile at the momment, even Hemp is unable to bring them up (although they can throw a spanner in the works by beating Netherlands today!). Ireland is at the top, with Scotland a close second. The other 3 remaining spots are iffy. One has to note that Netherlands nearly destroyed Kenya in the intercontinental cup in March, and since they beat their A team by 100 runs, at that time had the scheduled ODIs gone forth, Kenya might have been at the receiving end. Kenya in turn anhilated Canada IN Canada. That Canadian team may not have always had the best players, but neither did this bunch that beat Bermuda 2 times and ran Netherlands so close on both occasions.

I would rank them in the following way, but keep in mind that more games are needed between these 3 for a better ranking:


Canada may have been playing with second string, but Netherlands also were missing both Reekers and Schiferli, and for today’s match Kervezee as well.

The good thing about Canada is that everyone has contributed. Netherlands have relied heavily on ten Doeschate, who is yet to fail on this tour. It would be interesting to see what happens when does !

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  1. Peter Snyman
    December 1, 2006 at 5:14 pm

    I have read the Beyond the Boundary rankings and now I read these comments – and neither seems to relate to cricket on this planet! To suggest that Kenya is inferior to both Netherlands and Canada is farcical and seems to show a lack of true appreciation of this level of international cricket. I think the tournament in Kenya next January will show that neither of these sides is anywhere near the standard of Kenya (nor indeed will they match up to Ireland and Scotland). Netherlands and Canada are fairly poor sides compared with Kenya, Ireland and Scotland. As for Bermuda and all the rest, they are very poor in comparison.

  2. December 2, 2006 at 2:00 am

    Kenya beat Canada soundly in two ODIs in Canada and are ranked below them? Yeah right. Note that Kenya have convincingly won all thier ODIs vs other Associates this year. Talent aside, we are also a much more experienced team when it comes to playing ODIs. Intercontinental Cup may be different, but Test sides vary greatly in their ODI and Test rankings, so no surprise that Associates will as well.

    We shall see soon enough the top teams in Associate ODI cricket come the tri series and WCL in January.
    My predictions (not that i’m biased or anything 😉 ):


  3. Peter Snyman
    December 2, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    Nick – couldn’t agree more with your comments.
    Sometimes I think these statements about rankings and the relative standards of Associates teams are written by people sitting at computer keyboards who have never watched the teams and players they are talking about or have a true appreciation of the true standards of national sides at this level.
    I think Mr Khan is too prone to sweeping statements about teams and team selections and seems to make his judgements based entirely on statistics – he needs to start actually watching these sides, although I guess it’s not easy when you live in San Jose, California!

  4. suji
    December 2, 2006 at 6:04 pm

    Here u go again nasir with ur mediocre rankings based on the damn intercontinental cup.Those little associate countries have never beaten kenya in any 50 over game.Canada ahead of us? how? its all about test and odis boy!!!.But let those little teams come to kenya and know who is on top….i am Kenyas no 1 fan you’ll see me with a coffin bearing the words: R.I.P(Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands,Bermuda and Canada)and get the hell out of nairobi. As for the biased Nasir i think u doing this on purpose to cause controversy so that more people can visit ur little blog.I dont even know why i am here.If we ever meet just know u better run boy!!!! hahahaha!!! or i should just drop u in kashmir so that u feel the wrath of the indians.Poor analysis of cricket dumb cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. December 3, 2006 at 12:17 am

    In the interest of common sense, I will ignore Suji’s posting above………… perhaps somebody dropped him when he was a kid and he has still not been able to recover, or perhaps that was only yesterday…………

    I have maintained the point of view that I should NOT selectively edit or select postings on this blog, unless they are spam…… disagreement is fine, and it is perhaps required as well….. different points of view are needed as well……… however, I have perhaps made a mistake by allowing suji to participate on this blog given that he does not have the courage either use a proper email, nor his real name…………

    Snyman…….. you think wrong about what I have seen regarding the these associates and what I have missed……. I dont know where you live, but even in San Jose, CA, I can get hold of almost any match which IS being televised………. I did have the unfortunate experience of watching all the 7 ODIs that Kenya played Bangaldesh this year, and I can tell you very well, that except for Tikolo and Odoyo, NONE of the others looked anything like they were good…….. and Bangladesh is not exactly a world champion…….. I have seen enough of many Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland and Canada players to be able to judge whether they are getting fluke runs or not……. in any case, I have seen MORE than you have , so keep quiet about things you dont know about……….

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